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Guys, it happened! I’ve been blogging for ONE WHOLE year. Can you believe it? I know I can’t!

I started HisHabits exactly 1 year ago today. What you might not know, is that I blogged in the past. I’ve always had a passion for writing, and I found that whenever the mood took me, I’d want to write down my thoughts. Some things never change, I guess.

Why Do I Blog?

I’m sure that if you’re a blogger, you’ll have been asked “Why do you blog?”. Some people just don’t understand or get why we do what we do.

I started blogging because I find solace in writing. It comforts me and lets me put one of the many thoughts in my head down on paper. Virtual paper, I guess. It’s also a great output for creativity. When I was younger, I used to always write when I was upset or seriously happy. Pretty much whenever I was on the extreme side of an emotional spectrum. Writing makes me feel grounded, and lets me align my thoughts and relax. It’s comforting.

I started HisHabits because of my passion for writing and the skincare industry. You might not know this, but I suffered from severe eczema as a kid. When I say severe, I mean the kind of skin condition that puts you in hospital severe. I quickly learnt that I had to understand how to look after my skin and why certain products react the way that they do. I quickly gained interest in the skincare industry, and even worked for Kiehl’s for a short time. Blogging is my way of putting all that interest down on paper, passing on my little titbit of knowledge, if you will.

How Is Blogging One Year On?

When I started blogging, it was simply a hobby. However now it’s a bit more than that, it’s my job! Pretty soon after I started my blog, I was contact by Mankind to review some products. That relationship developed, and after a couple of months of working with them, I met the team at an event. My passion took the better of me, and I started asking more about making blogging a career after it was flagged to me. A couple of weeks later and I was offered a job. Of course I had to go through the interview process like everyone else, but my blog almost acted as a portfolio of my work. I’d like to think it also helped that I’d studied courses on SEO and Social Marketing in my spare time.

The Community

Possibility the best part about blogging, the community. I’ve met some great people over the past year, built some solid friendships and stepped out of my comfort zone. You won’t know what that feels like until you go to your first group blogging event, and everyone knows each other. However, now I’m comfortable in doing that, all thanks to blogging.

I thought it would be nice to finish this post by mentioning a couple of bloggers I rate highly.I would have liked to include many more here, but this post would have quickly turned too long. I asked them the simple question “Why do you blog?” and thought it would be nice to share their reasons.

“I started blogging because I was in a bad place. I needed a hobby. Thankfully Hayley (Tea Party Beauty) was on hand to help me get up and running. Now I’m a lot more happier confident – blogging played a huge part in that transition.”
– Jay, from JayWicks

“I’ve always had a passion for men’s fashion & beauty so my blog is an outlet for this! I also wanted to meet likeminded people which I definitely have done in the blogosphere!”
– Charlie, from ModishMale

“I blog because I get tremendous satisfaction from sharing ideas with the world. Whether it be Fashion or Lifestyle, I just love the engagement and feedback. I think that it’s quickly becoming a very exciting time to be a blogger and I’m glad to be a part of that wave!”
– Phil from Gentleman-Project

“It’s a fantastic way of sharing with others my passions, one of them being mens grooming.”
– Tom from The Yorkshire Gentleman

“I blog because I love to share my ideas, thoughts and experiences with others, and if I help or advise just one person with my blog then that is a positive achievement. I love writing so combining it with my passions and sharing it with the community feels very rewarding. Plus the blogging community is awesome!”
– Laura from Laura Kate Lucas

Genuinely, thank you to everyone who has ever read a post, liked a tweet or simple scrolled through my Instagram. It means so much and has definitely been a huge player in where I am today. I wouldn’t have my dream job if it wasn’t for my blog, and I wouldn’t be as comfortable sharing my thoughts so it’s a huge thank you to everyone.



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  1. gareth
    November 20, 2016 / 12:48 pm

    Congrats again on your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading 🙂
    Gareth x

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