#Vanlife: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask!

#Vanlife is a movement that you will see across many forms of social media where folks make a converted van into a tiny home on wheels and then spend their time nomadically travelling to wherever they want. Of course, for those of us with wanderlust in our hearts, as well as the people to whom a more traditional day to day life doesn’t appeal it can be a very seductive option. Although, before you pack up everything you own in a bindle and toss it into your van, it’s best to as educated about #vanlife as possible, my post below being something that can help you with this.

Who lives this life?


The short answer to the is question is anyone that wants to, singles, couples, men, women, old, young, you are only really limited by the size of the sleeping quarter in your van. Therefore, in theory, if you wanted to live this life with your entire family, as long as you invested in a converted bus, you could.


Where do I get a van like this?


Ah ah, now here’s the rub! Of course, you can by a commercially made camper van or RV, but you will find that most people in the #vanlife movement buy a regular van and then do the conversion work themselves including installing beds, storage, cookers, and even toilets.

This being something that means you need to bone up on the technical side of things if you want to immerse yourself totally in #vanlife.


What practicalities do I need to think about?


Well, just as in the same way that you would with any other significantlife changes there are plenty of practical matters to attend to when you have decided to live #vanlife, both big and small.


The big ones include how you will fund your life, something that many people do by working as a digital nomad while on the road. After all, this allows them to pull in a regular paycheck, but they are not limited to any single place or work or residence.


While the smaller, but no less critical issues include things like where you will shower each day, as it’s unlikely you will have this facility in your van, as well as who you will go with for your vehicle insurance?


The latter being an issue that it is well worth investing ahead of time by getting something like a Geico quote for the costs involved. After all, your van will not only be your vehicle but your home as well, as you will want to make sure it’s adequately protected.


Can I do it long term?


Of course, the answer to this question, is yes, if you want to, and many people choose to live the # van life indeterminately, especially if they can earn a wage with digital nomadism while on the road.  

However, you need to remember that like all vehicles your van will have an expiry date, and so will need to be replaced at some point. You also don’t know what will happen in the future or what opportunities will come your way, so it’s always wise to keep your options option, even if you are loving living the #van life at the moment.


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