TreeVitalise Birch Water

I’ve noticed Birch Water making a huge appearance across social media recently, and i’ve been dying to try it. I’m always into trying new things on the market, whether that be food, drink or cosmetics. 

What is TreeVitalise?

TreeVitalise is a brand of natural and organic Birch Water, that naturally comes from birch trees. It’s sapped straight from the tree and is packed full of nutrients, flavour and freshness. They come in three flavours, original, lemon and mint. All flavourings are natural, and the birch water is infused with either mint leaves of lemon peel to infuse to flavour.

Their Organic birch water comes directly from the Carpathian Mountains, which is an ecologically clean area in Eastern Europe, known as the ‘Green Pearl’. In the first weeks of the Spring thaw, the roots of the birch trees absorb the water from the melted snow. This liquid is then enriched with all the nutrients of the birch tree before being tapped back out and bottled.

What did I think?

One thing I noticed when I tried this for the first time, is how refreshing it was! It was actually more thirst quenching than water, which is always a massive bonus. It is slightly thicker than water, which confused me as I was expecting it to be the same viscosity. The flavour is subtle, and earthy to some extent. Which is to be expected considering that this comes from a tree. 

Since it comes in three flavours, it really gives you the chance to try a couple and find the one that is most suitable to your palette. The thing I had to get used to the most was the texture, it has an almost syrupy texture, without the sweetness. Once I got over the feeling that I was drinking maple syrup, and realised I was drinking birch water, I started to enjoy it!

All in all, I definitely think I would pick this up again. My favourite flavour was definitely the lemon and I wasn’t massively keen on the original. It tastes so natural, which is a good thing for most people, but I couldn’t get past the taste of trees in the original flavour. The lemon one, on the other hand, masks some of the earthy taste and leaves a lovely citrus burst in it’s place.

Have you tried TreeVitalise before? You can pick up your own from Holland & Barrett. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Instagram.



I was sent this item for review. All views and opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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