Travelling With A Skincare Routine

I’m a massive lover of travel. I don’t think there’s a better way to spend your time than exploring a new city, discovering it’s history and trying out the food. But when you’re travelling light, you can’t always bring your full skincare routine.

Shiseido men travel essentials

I tend to do a couple of city breaks throughout the year, and book a 4 day trip that straddles the weekend. As I’m only away for a few days and want to get as much time in the city as possible, I always travel with handluggage only. Crazy, right? I spend 4 days away living out of a backpack. Now the clothes part isn’t too much of an issue. But as you know, I’ve got a pretty extensive skincare routine, and trying to fit that into your tiny travel bag isn’t easy! But I’ve got a solution for you – buy it in the airport! Even if I’m travelling for a couple of weeks, I’ll still do a bit of airport shopping anyway. Any excuse.

World Duty Free have an amazing selection of travel skincare kits, that range in price and cover all of your skincare needs. What I typically do is travel with a couple of my staples, and then pick up the rest when I’m at the airport and split it with my boyfriend. Then the next time I’ll travel, I’ll bring along the products I bought last time, and repeat the cycle. It’s actually a pretty affordable method, because most places don’t charge taxes, and usually have airport exlusive offers.

I’ve recently been trying out a couple of travel sized products from Shiseido Men. I got my hands on a little travel set, that I’m currently trying to save for my trip to Orlando in a couple of months.

It only costs £17.55, and you get a Cleansing Foam, Deep Cleansing Scrub and Hydro Master Gel. It also comes with a free little gift, which is a Power Infusing Concentrate.

Shiseido men’s products lined up

For me, this is perfect. I find that my typical face cream can be too heavy for warmer climates, so the light Hydro Master Gel is great for the daytime when I’m abroad. It’s got a lovely clean scent, that actually reminds me of the dentist. I know that’s a weird comparison! The Deep Cleansing Scrub has really fine exfoliating particles, that really does the trick. I never travel with a scrub, because my cleanser always takes priority, but this is a nice little addition. The Cleansing Foam is a bit too effective for me. I found that my skin felt too cleane, which is a nice problem to have, but I think this product would be more suited to oily skin. Maybe after my skin has spent a couple of days in the sun, and starts producing more oil, this cleanser will be incredible.

Honestly, the selection of products are endless at World Duty Free, and you can usually find some hidden skincare gems you can’t get elsewhere. What’s even better, is that you can order online and collect at the airport, so you know exactly what you’re getting. It gives you more space in your luggage, and more time to eat when you arrive.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re at the airport? Let me know on Instagram.

I was sent these products by World Duty Free. I wasn't obliged to write about them, and all opinions and experiences are my own.

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