The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Every year we celebrate Father’s Day. Which means every year, we have the same struggle of trying to find out Dad’s another gift.

It’s not about the most expensive, or the most fancy gift. I find what my Dad appreciates the most is the gift that actually means something to him. Something I know he’ll like, appreciate or get use out of.

With that in mind, I’ve pulled together what I believe to be the ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide. It features a selection of products, and hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration!

For the well-groomed Dad…

My Dad is always asking for a new razor – I think he shaves pretty much every week. Wilkinson Sword have an amazing selection of razors that range in price, making it the perfect gift for any Dad that looks after his facial hair. They’re all high quality, help achieve a really close shave, and I can guarantee your Dad will appreciate it.

You can buy the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer for £7.98 from Superdrug.

For every Dad…

Everyone can appreciate the gift of a good scent. Thankfully, Dermot O’Leary has a range of fragrances available at M&S that are classic, fresh and light enough for daily use. I love the smell of the new Earl Grey & Sandalwood, so if you buy this as a gift for your Dad, make sure you don’t end up stealing it for yourself.

The Dermot O’Leary Earl Grey & Sandalwood is £22 from M&S.

For the Dad who likes his baths…

My Dad is a builder, and after a long day he always jumps in a bath. I reckon he does it to get some peace, but it could also be because his job is a bit messy. Give the gift of a Bomb Cosmetics set to him and he’ll definitely appreciate it. Afterall, everyone likes getting shower or bath products!

The Distinguished Gentleman Gift is available from Find Me  Gift for £11.99.

For the sentimental Dad…

You’ll probably agree that not every Dad needs a gift. My Dad is actually incredibly apprecitive of anything we get him, even if it’s just a card. This one from Norma & Dorothy is customisable which means you can put a personal message on it. It takes this simple gift to the next level and really makes it mean something. 

You can get this card from Norma & Dorothy for £4.75.

For the techy Dad…

My Dad is always on his phone, his laptop or playing his PS4. If yours is too, why not get him a new phone case? Speck have an incredible new range that are inspired by the colour of the World Cup. They’re high quality, affordable and have simple, inoffensive designs.

The Presidio Grip World Edition iPhone X Case is £29.95 from Speck.

For the lager lover…

My Dad always appreciates a couple bottles of beer, or larger. Why not treat yours to a few if he likes that? Celia are an organic premium lager brand that’s hand crafted in Czech Repblic. They’re a bit different than your typical supermarket brand, which makes this gift a little bit more special. 

Celia lager is available on Ocado for £2.29.

For the hard working Dad…

Every Dad will appreciate shower gels. Especially when they’re as luxurious as this selection from Noble Isle. They smell incredible and look equally as great. This is the kind of gift you’ll buy for your Dad, and end up keeping for yourself.

Each Noble Isle Bath & Shower gel is £20 and available here.

For the food loving Dad…

My Dad loves to cook. And he also loves to snack! If your Dad is the same, then this VonShef Cheese Board is the gift for him. It comes with 3 cheese knives and pulls out to become a full circle board. It’s stylish, practical and will also make a great centre piece for any social gathering. 

The VonShef Cheese Board is available from Domu for £17.99.

For the Dad who has everything…

Some Dad’s are incredibly difficult to buy for, I know mine can be at times. When that’s the case, you can never go wrong with a pair of socks. This gift from Thortful in actually has socks inside a card, which is just a little bit nicer. They also have a selection of cards that have chocolate inside too – perfect!

Cards from Thortful range in price so check them out here.

For the chocolate loving Dad…

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I know my Dad does. This is a chocolate pizza from the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company. It’s been so hard not to eat this while it’s been in my flat before giving it to my Dad. It’s fun, novelty gift that is perfect for any Dad with a sweet tooth. 

This chocolate pizza is available from Find Me A Gift for £19.99.

For the Dad who likes his me-time…

Although my Dad is really social, he also loves his space. (Don’t we all?) If yours is the same, why not give him a little face mask from Bandito? They’re affordable, and created specifically for men. I’ve used them before and love them, so it’s definitely worth a shot. 

All masks from MasqueBar are available from ASOS and vary in price.

For the Dad who likes his liquor…

My Dad loves whiskey, so a bottle is a gift that always goes down well. If it’s something yours drinks often, it might be worth trying something a bit more premium, like this bottle of The Glenlivet Code. It’s a pricey bottle, so might not be for everyone, but if you want to splash out a bit, it’s worth it. 

To find out more about this premium whiskey from The Glenlivet, visit their website.

For the coffee lover…

My Dad loves coffee. Both my parents do to be fair. I bought them a coffee machine for Christmas and they seriously love it. This makes coffee the perfect gift and if your Dad drinks coffee, you can’t go wrong with something from Percol or Dualit. Whether it’s instant, or for a machine, they’ll appreciate it. Both brands are fairtrade too, which is awesome!

You can buy Percol for £2.99 and Dualit Coffee Capsules for £12.

There you have it – the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide! I know my Dad would love every single product I’ve mentioned in here, and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration from my selection.

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Products in this guide where sent for this gift guide. I hand picked everything based on what I know my Dad will love, and all views are 100% my own.

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