I’ve been using my Foreo Luna 2 for Men for almost 2 years now. It still remains a firm favourite in my skincare routine, and if you keep reading you’ll find out why.

When I tried the Luna 2 for Men, I instantly loved it. I think the design of the Foreo Luna 2 is definitely easier on the eye than some of the other brushes on the market. I was genuinely excited to use it for the first time. At £169 it’s definitely an investment, but your skin is something you should treat well.

Why would you bother using a facial-cleaning brush?

Well, when washing your face with your hands, you’re actually transferring bacteria and oil between your fingertips and face. It means you’ll never be able to get truly clean skin. I was definitely sceptical by this claim, but I instantly felt the difference when I used my Luna 2 for the first time!

The Foreo Luna 2 for Men is advertised as being a 3-in-1 facial-cleansing, pre-shaving and anti-aging device. Seriously, it does all those things! It works by gently pulsing on the skin – 8,000 pulsations per second to be exact. The front of the device helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores of almost 100% of dirt and oil. This also helps in prepping the skin for a smoother and closer shave. The back of the device uses lower-frequency pulsations to help reduce fine lines and wrinkle. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger so this side definitely appealed to me.

close up of foreo luna 2 for men in water

How do you use the FOREO Luna 2 for Men?

It’s very easy to use. You apply your cleanser to your face and wet the Luna. I use the Foreo Cleanser for Men, which leaves my skin feeling fresh (more details on my Mankind Grooming Box Review). You literally press one button and you’re set! It’s automatic and pauses pulsations every 15 seconds to allow you to move onto another area of your face. The cleansing lasts for a minute in total. You then rinse and dry your face, apply your skincare products and move onto the anti-aging side. You press the button again, turn it over and use the back for another minute! Pop your favourite serum onto your skin, and gently massage it across your face using the Foreo Luna 2. It’s really that simple.

One benefit this product has compared to other cleansing brushes is that you don’t have to change the bristles! It’s made of silicone so it’s actually resistant to bacteria, which ensures it’s as clean as possible! It’s also fully waterproof, so suitable for use in the shower.

Now after using it, you might break out a bit, but this is just your skin purging of all the toxins. After a day or two it’ll get better, and with continued use it’ll happen less frequently. It’s actually a good thing that the Foreo Luna 2 for Men helps remove toxins, because otherwise they’re just sitting under your skin.

After using this product for almost 2 years, I would honestly recommend the Foreo Luna 2 for Men to everyone! Since I first got mine, the Foreo range has expanded to now include the Luna Go and the Luna Mini 2. They even do a toothbrush, which is called the Foreo Issa.

If you’re interested in buying the Foreo Luna 2 for Men, you can get it from Mankind.

There you have it, my review on the Foreo Luna 2 for Men. I would definitely check this out if you are interested in looking after your skin!




As a guy, there’s always one thing I don’t like buying, shaving stuff. Firstly, they’re expensive, and secondly, there are so many options. Thankfully, Cornerstone combat both my concerns, which makes them the perfect point-of-call for all things shaving.

What is Cornerstone?

For those of you who don’t know – Cornerstone is a male shaving subscription service that has taken the industry by storm. For a small fee, you get everything you need to get the perfect shave. It’s fully customisable to you and can come with a razor, scrub, shaving gel or cream and a post shave balm. You complete a short survey on the site, and it also plans in the frequency of your deliveries. That sounds great, right?

What do I think of Cornerstone?

One thing I love about Cornerstone, is the fact that your razor handle can be engraved! Whether it’s for yourself, or as a gift, you can get up to 3 characters on the handle of the razor – which is great. The box I received came with the razor handle, 6 razor heads, a shave gel, face scrub and post-shave balm. Literally everything I ever need to get a close and comfortable shave.

The razor blades have five super sharp blades, which are specifically angled to glide smoothly across the skin. In turn, this helps to reduce skin irritation, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Its also paired with an Aloe Vera moisturising strip, so when you use it, you can’t feel the razor pulling against your face. I actually had to double check if it was working because it felt that smooth.

The pre-shave scrub feels great, has a subtle smell and is gentle on the skin. Follow this with the shave gel and your skin already feels amazing. I like the consistency of the shave gel, it’s very similar to Aloe Vera. One thing I always look for in a shave gel, is transparency. I carefully shave my beard into shape, so having a gel I can see through, means I avoid the possibility of taking a chunk out of my beard. We don’t want that now.

Then finally, the post-shave balm. It’s natural to get a bit of irritation after any shave. Even though the Cornerstone razor minimises this more than any razor I’ve tried in the past. Sometimes you just catch your skin slightly. The post-shave balm soothes and calms the skin, whilst leaving it feeling cool and refreshed. Once you’ve tried this, you definitely won’t regret it.

My Final Thoughts…

I never thought a shaving subscription would be for me. However, I must admit, that after trying Cornerstone, I’m hooked! It’s easy, the products are high quality, and it fits through my letter box! We’re onto a winner!

If you haven’t tried Cornerstone – I’d definitely recommend you to. It’s affordable and fully customisable, so you get exactly what you want and need, at a frequency that suits you!

Check them out by heading over to www.cornerstone.co.uk. You defintiely won’t regret it.



Dermalogica was one of the first skincare brands I ever truly invested in. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of the products and was bought in when I discovered the ethos behind the brand. 

I have explored further a field and found some other brands that I love, but I always keep coming back to Dermalogica. It helps that they keep releasing products that are incredible, along with having a strong line of staples suitable for all types of skin. I’m a big fan of the Charcoal Rescue Masque, and when I found out that Phyto Replenish Oil was hitting the market, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Dermalogica are one of the first companies to introduce layering into a skincare routine. That is the process of adding serums and oils, before a moisturiser. This meant I naturally had high expectations for the Phyto Replenish Oil. Did it live up to them?

The short and sweet answer would be: Yes. The Phyto Replenish Oil is designed to hydrate, repair and protect the skin. You can put it either under a moisturiser, or mix it in with your face cream. I was expecting the oil to leave my skin looking shiny, but I was happily surprised when it didn’t. It quickly absorbs into the skin and leave the face feeling soft and glowing. I did find that it works better if I mixed it in with my moisturiser during the day, and put it on under my cream at night. It just seemed to sit better with my skin. This oil doesn’t everything I want from a product to be fair, my skin is dry and tends to get a bit sensitive. Having a product that helps to repair my skin barrier is something i’m always interested in. 

The product is packed full of plant-based oils, including orchard oil, camellia oil and chia seed oil. This is one of the main properties that allows the product to sink so seamlessly into the skin. You only need up to 6 drops to cover your whole face. There’s also a special massage technique that you can use, that Dermalogica explain on their YouTube channel.

All-in-all, i’ve been using the Phyto Replenish Oil for a couple of weeks now and it’s already becoming a staple in my skincare routine. I follow with Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream and that is literally all I need to keep my skin looking hydrating and feeling fresh. 

You can buy Phyto Replenish Oil here.

Have you tried anything from Dermalogica before? What’s your favourite product?



This product was sent to me for review. All views are my own and completely honest.


If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know i’m a fan of the Mankind Grooming Box. Coming out every couple of months, packed full with lots of male grooming goodies, this grooming box is the strongest of its kind in the market. The latest August Grooming Box has launched, and if you haven’t already, you should go and buy it. I’m going to give you two pros and a con, and why i’m a fan of the latest offering.

Value For Money

This is pretty obvious. In the latest August box, you get over £110’s worth of products for only £25! Yes, you heard that right, £25! That’s over a £75 saving (incase you’re not good at maths), which is amazing. All the products are full size too, so you don’t get any little samples, they’re genuine products that you will get a decent use out of.

Quality Of Products

The August Mankind Grooming box comes with products from Hanz de Fuko, Mr Natty, Men-U, Jack Black and Imedeen. If that isn’t good enough, there’s also a bonus item from Levi’s. I’ve been wanting to try a Hanz de Fuko product for a while, but at £16 i’ve been waiting for a reason. This box is only £9 more and you get the product and all the other goodies. All products are from brands I know of, or have tried before, which makes it a winner with me.

I’m A Vegetarian

Normally this isn’t a problem with any of the other Mankind Grooming boxes, but with this one there’s something I can’t use because I don’t eat meat. The Imedeen capsules have fish oil in, which makes it a no go. It’s a shame really, because I was really keen to give them a go. Alas, i’ll give these away as a gift, because at the retail value of £42, someone will definitely appreciate them.

All in all, I love the Mankind Grooming Box. Whether it’s specially the August one, or any of the previous ones, i’ve been a fan since it’s been available. They’re incredible value for money and they work well to split up as gifts. 

You can get your own by heading over to Mankind. They also have a dedicated blog post breaking the products down.

Have you had a Mankind Grooming Box before? What was your favourite one?




In a world as diverse as today, the possibilities are endless. Especially when it comes to choosing what hair styling product to use. Cream, clay or pomade? I asked myself this question a lot when I started to style my hair, even to this day, I still get confused as to what each one does and why I should use them.

Scaramouche & Fandango have got you covered when it comes to hair. They have a selection of high quality styling products that will give you any style you could imagine. To get a different look, you need to turn to a specific product. Hopefully I can shed some light on the benefits of each type.

Hair Cream

A cream hair product is probably one of the newest additions to the market. If you’re looking for an effortless look, a styling cream is the way to go. Generally, they tend to be lighter and help to tame those pesky little flyaways. They can either be used as a pre-styler or a finisher, but leave your hair looking like their isn’t any product in it. Styling creams work well with pretty much all hair types.

Top Tip: Finish your style with hairspray to hold it in place, whilst maintaining the effortless look.

Hair Clay

A styling clay is perfect if you’re looking for a textured matte look. They’re great for the ‘fresh out of bed’ look and tend to be workable throughout the day. If you want a messy, tousled style, clay is the way to go. They tend to work better with curly or wavy hair, but would look good on straight styles too.

Top Tip: Warm the product in your hands first to ensure it covers the hair evenly. Start from the roots and move to the tips for more volume and texture.

Hair Pomade

The classic hair product! Pomade has been around for centuries, in one form or another. They have a waxy texture and come in both water-based and oil-based styles. The aim of pomade is to give you a wet look style, without the crunch and flakiness of a gel. Perfect if you’re looking for a sleek style.

Top Tip: Add pomade just before your hair is completely dry. It helps to hold the style in place and controls frizz.

Hair styling shouldn’t be confusing, you want it to be as simple as possible. Stick to creams, clays and pomades and you’re on the right track. You can get hold of all you need from Scaramouche & Fandango, all at a reasonable price too! I’ve tried all their hair styling products and they’ve definitely strengthened my game. They all fit perfectly into how you would expect the product to work, they do what they’re meant to and they do it well!

What hair product do you use? I’m always looking for new things to try!