His Secret Scent Box Review

Are you as indecisive about fragrances as I am? Keep reading to see my review of Secret Scent Box.

Have you ever smelt a fragrance in store, thought it was the best thing in the world only to get home and fall completely out of love with it? Yeah – this happens to me a lot too. Secret Scent Box to the rescue!

his secret scent box review

What Is Secret Scent Box?

Secret Scent Box is a UK based subscription service that sends you 3 samples of top designer fragrances each month. You get a 30 days supply of fragrance, for £15 per month. The package itself is small enough to fit through the letterbox, which is perfect in case you’re not at home. If you’re as indecisive as I am, this is the perfect way to try before you buy.

What Do You Get?

In the January edition of the box, you received 3ml versions of Moschino Forever, Versace Dylan Blue and Davidoff Adventure. They state that the total of 9ml’s is enough fragrance to last you for a whole 30 days, based on 4 sprays a day. I do know that I tend to spray more than 4 times in a whole day, but these are perfect for travelling. Each box also comes with small cards, describing each scent in detail.

his secret scent box review fragrances

What Did I Think?

I think the concept of this subscription service is great. Fragrances are always difficult to purchase online, so I’m always put off. However having a selection of scents sent to my door each month allows me to try a couple before fully investing. I also find they work perfectly to keep in my work bag in case I want to freshen up through the day.

I do wish they where designed differently, though. I find that the packaging isn’t to my taste. However I’m sure many people would disagree with me.

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I would definitely consider signing up to a full time subscription from Secret Scent Box. With Christmas only just finishing, I have a small collection of fragrances to work through before I consider buying something new, however when the time comes, I know what subscription I’ll be turning too.

Have you tried Secret Scent Box before? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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Some items listed in this post have been sent to me for purposes of review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.




All you have to do is walk around my apartment to realise how obsessed I am with things that make it smell nice. Candles, oil burners and reed diffusers: they’re everywhere! I first discovered The Naked Candle Co. last Christmas and I’ve been a convert ever since. It was actually one of the first products I blogged about! You can check that out here.

The Naked Candle Co. is a Manchester based artisan candle maker, who aim to make quality candles for a reasonable price! I’ve spoken with Simone and Jake a number of times and been kept in the loop whilst they expanded their range. It now includes Reed Diffusers! Is anyone else as excited as I am?

I always have a reed diffuser in the corner of my lounge, just to keep it smelling nice. Most recently I’ve been using a Peppermint one from The White Company, which literally just ran out. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of the new diffusers from The Naked Candle Co. The scent I’ve got is Lime, Basil & Mandarin. The first thing I wondered was whether it was going to smell like the Jo Malone one and I was delighted when it did! It’s fresh and citrusy and has undertones that are earthy and woody. Definitely a scent that is right up my street!

For the first couple of days, the smell was so noticeable. I would walk into my lounge and wonder why it smelt so nice. I thought that is something that would die down as it does with most diffusers, however, 2 weeks in and the smell is still really fragrant! I’m honestly so impressed with this diffuser and have got a matching candle to keep the smell uniform all over my apartment.

One thing I love about The Naked Candle Co. is that all products are hand produced and eco friendly. None of those nasty toxins, just all-natural fragrance oils. Simone and Jake do everything themselves! They’ve also been working on the packaging lately too, which is lovely. Anything from here would make a great gift.

To get this exact same smell from Jo Malone, it would cost you £58. Over at The Naked Candle Co it’s only £18.50! How great is that? It comes in a bunch of other scents too so there’ll definitely be something to suit every taste. Plus, it’s also great to support local businesses!

You can get your own candles and diffusers, here.

Have you bought from The Naked Candle Co before? Let me know in the comments below.


Products were sent to me for purpose of review. I’ve bought from The Naked Candle Co. before and truly love their products.





I always like to have a selection of fragrances on hand. I like to have a couple that fit with multiple occasions and multiple moods, does anyone else do the same?

At the minute, all of the fragrances I have tend to have a fresh clean smell. I’ve been on the hunt for something that was a bit more ‘manly’ and a little less ‘clean’.

Gruhme is a British brand that launched in 2013. It was created with the modern day male in mind, designed to be worn all day, every day. At first smell, this fragrance packs a bit of a punch! It’s quite strong, which is due to it have 14% fragrance. If you put on too much, it can be a bit over-whelming. I found that I only needed a couple of sprays, which means this would last a lot longer than any other fragrance I have.

Gruhme has a lovely blend of woody and citrusy smells including amber, bergamot and lemon.  It’s definitely a fragrance that has a distinct scent and I genuinely can’t compare it to anything I’ve smelt on the market. It’s masculine and elegant, but also quite fresh and clean.

All in all, Gruhme gets a thumbs up from me! I’d find this is a bit too intense for me to wear to work but I would definitely wear this for a nighttime event! When I’m getting a bit fancy, y’know what I mean? I typically go for light fragrances that don’t really have a punch, but if you’re looking for a fragrance that makes heads turn, this is the one for you!

You can buy Gruhme here.

What’s your favourite type of fragrance?



*Gruhme was sent to me for purpose of review. All opinions are 100% my own.* 



Jo Malone are known for mixing unexpected combinations of ingredients to create unique and exciting fragrances.

I always tend to change the fragrance I wear multiple times a year. I’ve recently got my hands on some from Jo Malone and I’m definitely on board with this. They’re a bit on the pricey side, so I originally intended on keeping them for special occasions. However, I’m obsessed! I’m wearing them every day of the week.

The two I have are Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Earl Grey & Cucumber. Both pretty similar to the style of fragrance I tend to go for, but they’re both subtly different that I can wear them whatever my mood. I like fragrances that are fresh, yet have distinctive undertones that set them apart. These two definitely fit the bill!

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

“Escape the everyday along the windswept shore.” That’s how Jo Malone describes this fragrance and I totally get that! I feel as though this smell is light and fresh. It smells crisp and almost musky, but with a modern twist. This is probably due to the Sea Salt; it brings it to a lighter place! The Wood Sage is almost eucalyptus-like and makes this fragrance blend uplifting.
This smells different once it’s on my skin: it’s relaxing and slightly botanical!

It’s said that if you stop smelling the fragrance you wear, it’s meant to be ‘the’ scent for you. This happens to me with Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I think I’ve worn this every day since I got it!

Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne

“A British tradition…afternoon tea.” That’s the inspiration behind this smell!
It’s a summery fragrance and gives me that traditional ‘English garden’ feel. Surprisingly, it’s not floral! I almost smell pollen; it’s clean and brings me home! The notes of Earl Grey are combined with Bergamot, which gives it a citrus and zesty scent. It’s got base notes of tobacco that give it a musky scent and make it quite elegant.

So there you go, my thoughts on my two new fragrances! If you go past a Jo Malone counter, definitely pop over and smell them! The 30ml retails for £42.00, but they’re definitely worth the investment.

What I love about Jo Malone is that you can layer your fragrances! When I mix these two together, it’s a completely different sensation. They blend well and I can definitely notice a vanilla undertone.

Until next time,