Superstition Time: Get Inspired By The Chinese New Year

ebruary marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Celebrations start precisely on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. For those who are not au fait with the Chinese culture, it falls on Tuesday, 5 February 2019. However, the date varies every year. The entire celebrations last for about 23 days, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve missed the first day! You can still get your favourite Chinese takeaway and join the party! 

Visit your local Chinatown during the New Year period as the fireworks and dances can feel magical! More importantly, every year, the Chinese calendar celebrate a new animal. This year, it’s the Pig, and there are plenty of excellent lessons you could learn from this peaceful hedonist. Are you ready to dive into the year of the Pig and seize the opportunities around you? Here’s a little guide to help you make the most of 2019. 

Year of the Pig

Steamed buns and happy Pig

During the year of the Pig, according to the Chinese horoscope, everything the Pig will undertake is likely to be successful, as long as the Pig can plan and work at it. For those who are born under this sign, the predictions are favourable in terms of wealth, love, career and luck. But, more importantly, you need to embrace the potential for success – and whether you are someone who believes in horoscopes or not –, the lesson here is that opportunities are available for those who choose to make their luck. In short, it’s a good idea to prepare party steamed buns – try out this fantastic recipe – for a friendly gathering and use this second New Year’s party as a way to renew your resolutions. 

A little financial tip from the Pig: Why not give it a go?

According to their horoscope, Pigs are blessed with good fortune in life. As horoscopes can vary a lot, you’ll find both news about your future prosperity and warnings about money loss. But, to get back to this sign, at its heart, the Pig is someone who can grow their income steadily and carefully. So, why not learn from this wise financial lesson and embrace income-generating alternatives this year, such as save betting with as a profitable side hustle activity? Pigs are cautious and determined, which makes them successful investors in the long term. The Chinese horoscope is giving a wealth lesson to everyone here! So listen and act wisely. 

Make your luck 

What else to learn from the Pig year?

The Pig is a perfectionist who is always aiming for the top. There’s a lot to be said about self-improvement, and it’s something you can learn from this sign to become a better you. Pigs are also lovers of fashion and the little pleasures of life; a great excuse to get inspired and renew your wardrobe! But more importantly, Pigs nurture their inner peace by spending time in nature. They learn to recharge their batteries before seizing the next opportunity in life. 

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 Not everyone enjoys reading their horoscope. However, the Chinese signs offer a depth of life advice and tips that even the most sceptic individuals could benefit from. From financial savviness to finding inner peace in nature, there’s a lot to be gain from some Pig inspiration! 


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