Can you believe that it’s only a couple of months until summer? Around this time of year I start thinking about  ‘mission beach body’. Not gonna lie, I’ve packed on some pounds over the winter months. Let’s not even get into my weight gain after travelling, I feel as though even the air in New York is full of calories!

I find dieting quite difficult. I love the taste of food and barely get the motivation to go to the gym. Forza Shake It Slim is a meal replacement shake that you can use either to aid in weight loss or to maintain your current weight. A lot of the time, I always turn to meal replacement shakes to give my body a bit of a head start, a kick up the backside if you will.

So, what did I think of Shake It Slim?

I’m really impressed! In the first week of replacing 2 meals a day with the shakes, I’ve lost 5lbs! I’ve also started to change my eating habits and have started making balanced, healthy lunches. I tried both the strawberry and chocolate flavours, both are equally delicious. Normally I’m not a fan of chocolate shakes as I don’t really like the taste, but I enjoyed this one. They’re rich, creamy and not too sweet. What I like about this is that you can mix it with a spoon! That’s not something I’ve seen with the other brands I’ve tried. Although, I love the look of the Forza shakers so I’ve been using that!

I’ve tried other brands that aim to do a similar thing to Shake It Slim, including Slender Blend and Juice Plus. I’d like to think I can give a valid opinion on this type of product. Shake It Slim has by far the best flavour. It’s also the easiest to prepare as it comes in individual sachets, so no messing around with protein scoops in the morning. It’s the most reasonably priced too, you don’t have to buy it in bulk as they have smaller amounts available to purchase. You can buy the sachets individually.

I know exactly what all you skeptics are going to say! “Shaun, you’re just going to pile on the weight when you start eating normally again.” Now this is the important thing to remember, meal replacement shakes are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. I look at them as a head start! It gets me into the mentality of eating healthy meals and reducing my large portion size to that of a normal person. This kind of lifestyle change is exactly what you need to maintain a healthy weight. Once I feel like I’m at a weight I’m happy with, I’ll start incorporating more healthy meals back into my diet.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this product and will definitely purchase it again. I’ve seen results fast, which has given me the motivation to keep ‘mission beach body’ going. If you’re interested in trying this, you can get it directly from Forza’s website. You can also pick it up from Boots or Holland & Barrett if you’re too impatient and can’t wait for delivery.

Have you tried Shake It Slim or any other meal replacement?




I was sent Shake It Slim to review, however all opinions are 100% my own. Why would I write about it if I didn’t like it? I also want to stress the importance of making sure your diet is balanced and you keep hydrated. If you have any concerns, please consult a doctor first.


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