Omorovicza Skincare Staples

As you probably know by now, skincare is my passion. I love looking out for new and innovative ingredients, formulas and products.

Omorovicza is a luxury skincare brand that has a spa heritage. Originating for Budapest, the formulas are premium and effective, all taking the best ingredients from nature. Enriched with Hungarian Thermal Waters, each product is designed to deliver long-lasting nourishment to the skin. I first discovered the brand when I tried their Ultra Moor Mud Mask around 1 year ago, and my collection has been expanding ever since.

Here are my current Omorovicza skincare staples.

omorovicza skincare staples

Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser

I’ve written about this previously in my 6 Winter Skincare Essentials post, but I have to mention it again. If I’m being completely honest, cleansing is a part of my skincare routine I always struggle with – I find it completely dries out my skin. But not anymore! The Omorvicza Moor Cream Cleanser is honestly one of the best I’ve ever used. It smells great, seriously cleans my skin, yet leaves it feeling soft. When my skin is feeling a bit worse for wear, I leave this cleanser on for a minute or two and it works as a treatment mask to detoxify my skin further. What more could a man ask for?

Omorovicza Oxygen Booster

Probably one of the latest additions to my skincare favourites, but I’ve got a feeling this is going to stay around for a long time. Omorovicza Oxygen Booster is an award-winning serum that rejuvenates tired skin. This gel has a cooling sensastion and a water-like texture that makes it incredible to use. It delivers oxyegen into the skin, that plumps and resurfaces any fine lines. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger – I’ll take all the help I can get.

Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser

Can you ever have enough moisturiser? I don’t think so. The Balancing Moisturiser from Omorovicza has a cooling gel-cream texture that sinks instantly into the skin. Although it’s ideal for oily and combination skin, and mines dry, I love how light this moisturiser feels. Sometimes I feel that creams for my skin type can feel heavy, so from time to time, I switch to something lighter. Even though this cream is light, it hydrates and refreshes my skin. I particularly love using this moisturiser right after I’ve shaved, as the cooling gel helps reduce redness and calm irritated skin.

omorovicza oxyegen booster and illuminating moisturiser

Omorovicza Refining Face Polisher

Exfoliating is an essential step in any skincare routine. It helps remove dead skin cells and refine the skin’s surface for a smoother complexion. The Omorovicza Refining Face Polisher is enriched with marine micro-algae to help brighten the skin, and pumice to refine and exfoliate. One of the main exfolating ingredients is lava powder; which alongside sounding awesome, is super effective in removing dead skin cells. I find that after using this my skin feels incredible smooth. It’s a really effective exfoliator so I’d advice only using it a couple of times a week. That’s all you need for clearer, smoother skin.

Omorovicza Ultra Moor Mud Mask

Let me just take a minute to admire how amazing this product is. I’ve gone through so many jars of this stuff, it’s honestly that good. The Ultra Moor Mud Mask is an all-purpose face mask that brightens, tightens, cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Whenever I use it, my skin feels incredible. You only need to use it for a couple of minutes, and you’ll be left with younger looking skin. I wish I knew how a skincare product could give the effects that it does, and I’m sure that if you use it, you’ll be blown away like I was.

I really couldn’t say anything negative about Omoroviza. The products really are effective and always go above and beyond expectations. I’ve tried a lot of products from the range and have never been dissapointed.

Head over to Mankind and explore the full range from Omorovicza, you won’t regret it.


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