My experience with M&S Opticians

I’ve worn glasses since I was at least 16. What a lot of people might not know is that my vision isn’t THAT bad, I have to wear glasses when I’m driving, watching TV, using a computer or reading – which is pretty much all the time.

I can actually go days without wearing them, but I suffer from migraines, and I find that any kind of eye strain doesn’t make them easier. Hence why I basically wear them all the time.

It’s incredibly important to get eye tests on a regular basis, not just for your vision, but for your general health. I’ve had so many in my time, but I’ve never actually been impressed, until I had one at M&S.

The level of detail the optician went into was incredible. They checked both my eyes in more detail than I’ve had done before. This included photos of my eye, a pressure test, and a general sight test. Can you believe that I’ve gone to my previous opticians due to migraines before, and they didn’t even go into this much detail? Yet this is just a standard thing with M&S and I’m incredibly impressed.

As expected, my vision hasn’t changed. I get eye tests every 6 months to make sure my eye health is in good condition. But whilst I was there, I picked up a new pair of glasses. I currently have two others, but I wanted something different. I also wanted to try a lense with anti-glare, as I’m constantly on computers and the reflection isn’t fun.

Since I’ve had these new glasses, I’ve basically worn them every day! I’ve gone for a clear grey frame, so they’re not as bold as clear acrylic (which is something I want to try next), but they’re still a bit more modern than your traditional solid colour frame.

If you haven’t tried M&S opticians, I would really recommend them. They’re in a number of stores across the UK, but I visited the Manchester store and the team are amazing.

M&S are offering my followers a free opticians appointment! All you have to do is show my blog when you go in, you can book an appointment here. How great is that?!


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