MMUK MAN Skincare Review

After a little bit of a content lul, I’m back! Did you miss me?

MMUK MAN is a brand I’ve reviewed a number of times, and I’ve honestly never had any complaints. Previously I’ve tried out a selection of their makeup products and their Morning After Recovery Gel. Recently, I’ve been trying out a couple of their skincare products, and thought I’d share my thoughts!

Before I begin, I wanted to let you know that you can use the code SHAUN25 to get 25% off the whole of MMUK MAN. This isn’t an affiliate code, and it’s purely just to let you try out the collection at a discounted rate!

Brutal Buffering Energising Scrub

If you don’t use a face scrub, you need to get one immediately. They’re the perfect addition to any skincare routine, as they help remove dead skin cells and help unblock pores. The Brutal Buffering Energising Scrub from MMUK MAN is a solid product! It helps to even out skin tone, and draws out dirt from your pores – which is perfect! The formula is also packed full of great ingredients such as charcoal and salicylic acid, which help to deeply cleanse the skin, and even prevent blemishes!

It is a bit pricey at £30, however you only need a small amount so it lasts a long time! It’s an investment in your skin, but an investment worth taking. Get yours here.

Youth Restore Peptide Serum

Potentially the most premium product from the MMUK range, but if you’re taking your skincare seriously, you need to check it out. It’s probably targeted more toward mature skin, but it’s never to early to start slowing down the signs of aging. This formula is incredibly light on the skin, and feels almost water-like. It absorbs straight into the skin and help to enrich your skin with essential peptides. The Peptide Serum is full of scientific innovation, so I’d suggest you give the description a read. All in all, it’s a really luxurious product and feels lovely on the skin.

This product is currently available at the special price of £50. Find out more here.

Triple Mission Face Moisturiser

I knew I’d like this product from the minute I first used it. I looked at the ingredients and discovered squalene, which is possibly my all time favourite skincare ingredient! The Triple Mission Face Moisturiser is suitable for daily se, and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. If you read any of my posts, you’ll know I’m incredibly fussy with face creams, and this one makes the cut. It’s more suitable to normal and combination skin, so it probably won’t be hydrating enough for me in winter, but it’s great during the warmer months!

You can get the MMUK MAN Triple Mission Face Moisturiser here for £30. 

Overall the new additions to the MMUK MAN range are really strong. They’re effective and do exactly what you’d want.

Make sure you explore the full range here, and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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