How To Use Colour-Correcting Concealer

We’re all on a mission for flawless skin. Well, at least I am. As a sufferer of eczema for most of my life, my skin is probably something I’m the most self conscious about. I’ll typically turn to skincare on a daily basis to prevent my skin kicking off, but on days when it doesn’t want to behave, concealers are my best friend.

You probably already know what a concealer is, but I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “Shaun, what even is colour-correcting concealer?” Wonder no more – I’m here to tell you.

What is a colour-correcting concealer?

A colour-correcting concealer is a product used to balance out tonal colours on your skin. It works by adding a shade that cancels out a certain colour over the problem area. Where products are concered, there are typically 5 colours that people tend to use. Green, blue, yellow, pink and peach. Each one has a specific part to play, and if you don’t do it correctly, you could end up looking a bit like a clown. Trust me, it happened to me.

What do you use each colour for?


Green is used to balance out and cover any redness.



Lilac is used to cancel out any yellow tones.


Yellow is used to cover up purple toned shadows on olive skin.

pale pink


Pink is used to balance out blue toned areas on fair skin.



Peach is used to cancel out dark spots on medium toned skin.

How do you actually use colour-correcting concealers?

It’s actually pretty straight forward, but I have no doubt there’ll be some trial and error involved. I’ve broken it down into 5 easy steps.

  1. Identify the area you want to correct.
  2. Pick the correct shade based on the information above.
  3. Apply the colour-correcting concealer to your skin using your fingertips. The warmth helps it blend in better
  4. Cover the colour with your usual concealer, patting it in as normal.
  5. Check your skin in natural light to make sure areas aren’t too light or too dark.

It’s really that simple! Once you’ve actually found the areas and colours that work for your skin, I’d actually advise putting the colour-correcting concealer over your usual skin concealer. You end up using less and it blends in easier.

If I’m concealing a spot, I’ll use the green. When I’m a bit tired and want to hide my under eye bags, I’ll use yellow. If my skin tone looks uneven, I’ll use a bit of purple.

I’ve been using a colour-correcting concealer palette from MMUK MAN. It has all the colours in, which means I could try different ones and find the right shades for my problem areas.

Would you use a colour-correcting concealer? Let me know on Instagram.


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