How To Plan A Lads’ Short Break

If you are planning a regular catching up with your old friends or are maybe arranging a stag do, it is important that you start the preparation early. You will not only get better prices on the vacation and the hotel, but also get tickets to the shows you would like to see. It is never too early to do your research, no matter if you are just going down to London or Birmingham, or jumping on the plane to Benidorm. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.

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Get Transfer and Transport 

The first thing you will need to do is make sure that you can get to the airport or to your UK destination on time. If you happen to travel in peak time, you might need to book a taxi or minibus early. Most companies cater for businesses and holidays. You can find good booking facilities and prices at Birmingham taxis if you happen to fly from that airport. Always get a written confirmation and provide the company with your flight number.  

Keep An Eye On the Weather

You might want to go swimming or surfing, but you cannot predict and influence the weather. That is why you will need to be ready for last minute adjustments in your program. Always have an alternative in case it is raining all day, so you can still enjoy the holiday, instead of spending your time at the hotel bar, feeling miserable. Travelling to Spain or Portugal is especially unpredictable in April and October. 

Plan Your Days 

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You might be happy to finally have time to catch up and spend some time together, but there is no point going away to sit by the pool all day. You will need to explore places and see the world while you are out there. Book a trip to the mountains, try the closest golf course, or go on a fishing tour. 

Allow Free Time 

If your main goal to get away and have a light hearted holiday to recharge your batteries, you will need to add free time and activities to the program. You should not have a strict schedule; after all you want to enjoy the freedom and not having to wake up at the same time every day. 

Put One Person In Charge of Tickets and Bookings

In case you would like to avoid confusion and disaster at the airport or the hotel, you might want to find the one responsible person who can look after the bookings, the passports, and make arrangements for the group. This will prevent misunderstandings, and the person responsible for the holiday arrangements will know what is going on every part of the trip. If you give the same job to multiple people, you will end up having nobody to take responsibility. 

Going on a short break with the guys can be challenging. Make sure you prepare for everything, and find a responsible person in the group to make arrangements.


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