Grooming Christmas List with MMUK MAN and MaleSkin

I’ve worked with both MMUK MAN and MaleSkin for a long time now, and this year, I wanted to create a full gift guide entirely dedicated to products you can find on their sites. If you’re buying a gift for your brother, dad or boyfriend, there’ll definitely be something below for you.

The selection is incredible, and there are products available for all price points and all types of men. Whether it’s someone who’s into the grooming basics and just uses hygiene products, or a fully-fledged skincare addict that would love a new concealer, there’ll definitely be something suitable.

So here it is, my grooming gift guide from MMUK MAN and MaleSkin.

A Molton Brown Gift Set

You really can’t go wrong with Molton Brown, and this little gift set available on MaleSkin is amazing. You get a selection of shower products, that come in a variety of scents. Oh, and it comes in a lovely little wash bag! It’s an affordable gift, but it’s really luxurious and I’m sure that whoever you give it to, will absolutely love it.

This Molton Brown Gift is £24.

A Murdock London Cologne Collection

Knowing what fragrance to get someone is always a challenging task, so why not get them a selection? The Murdock London Fragrance Collection will give the gift of choice, which I think it perfect. Whoever you give it to will be able to decide what scent is best for them, and then decide whether or not to invest in the full version! My personal favourite is Black Tea, but I’ll let you decide what your own is!

The Murdock London Cologne Collection is £40.

A L’Occitane Shower Gel

I’m one of those people that actually LOVES the typical Christmas gifts. Y’know, like socks, deodorants and shower gels. It’s something that a man always needs, and there’s no harm in having a couple more. The L’Occitane Shower Gel is a step up from this, because it’s something every guy will use, but it’s a bit more premium than what most people would buy on a daily basis.

The L’Occitane Shower Gel is £20.

A couple of hair styling products from Jack Black

As long as they have hair, giving some grooming products will always be a good choice. Most men will use a styling product, and these one’s from Jack Black are really great! The formulas are strong, and the products smell fantastic! There’s also a good variety of styling products, so you can basically upgrade what they already use and switch to something new.

You can shop the full Jack Black range here.

A selection of men’s makeup products from MMUK MAN

I think popping a little concealer or brow gel in under someone’s Christmas tree is a cracking idea. If you know a guy, I can guarantee to you that they’ve complained about a spot. (If they haven’t, count yourself lucky.) Whilst gifting makeup to a guy might seem strange, chances are it’s going to be something he’s always wanted but never got around to buying himself.

You can shop the full collection from MMUK MAN here.

A couple of men’s makeup brushes from MMUK MAN

If you want to go the extra mile, and you’ve already gifted some makeup products, why not add some makeup brushes in the mix. It’ll help any guy apply makeup more naturally, so it’s a great addition to someone’s collection.

The MMUK MAN Makeup Brushes are available here.

A body scrub from Anthony

Anthony is SUCH a great brand, so I had to include it in this list. I alwyas buy my sister the Glycolic Facial Cleanser, which she loves. So Anthony isn’t only a good gift for the guy in your life, but even the girl too! A body scrub is something that most men probably won’t have, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

The Anthony Body Scrub is only £28.

A daily face cream from MMUK MAN

MMUK MAN’s skincare is top notch. It comes in simplistic packaging, that would look great on every mans shelf. It also helps that the formulas are great too! A face cream is a good place to start, as it’s probably the most accesible product to guys.

The MMUK MAN Face Cream is available for £35.

Hopefully this post will help you figure out what you’re getting your loved ones for Christmas, and if it hasn’t, it might atleast have given you some inspiration.

MMUK MAN and MaleSkin have an amazing selection of products, so I’d definitely recommend checking them out. And if you have any further questions about what I’ve mentioned in this post, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or message me on Instagram.

All products in this post have been gifted, however I've used them all before and would 100% recommend them.

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