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Making your way around the world, you quickly come to realize that there are many different options for you to utilize, but in some parts, the transport you use is a matter of necessity rather than choice. Traveling Europe this is not the case, in fact, one of the great things about this continent is how easy it is to maneuver between the different countries. Here we are going to look at some of the ways you can make your way around Europe and some of the sights and sounds you should look out for. 


We are going to start with an option that a lot of people like to make the most of, the road trip. A car is usually a preferred mode of transport because of the freedom it offers the average traveler. And this is never truer than when you are navigating your way through different parts of Europe. Somewhere you might find the car most useful is in a country like the United Kingdom, with its various regions and landmarks spread across many miles. With a car, you will be able to make your way from London down to the likes of Brighton to see the famous piers and up to Edinburgh, across to Cardiff and even using a ferry to get to Belfast. 

The freedom afforded to you by hiring or buying your own car should not be underestimated when you are traveling, especially if you have plenty of time to stop and take detours. 

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The train is one of the most popular options when it comes to traveling around Europe for many reasons. Thanks to the Eurail passes you can start your week in France and end it somewhere in the heart of Germany having traveled through Switzerland, the Netherlands, or Italy. However, the best reason to make the most of train travel on this continent is not just its ease but the beauty that you will experience along the way. 

Train travel in Europe isn’t restricted to long stretches of country fields like in a lot of countries, no just one example of getting the train from Geneva down to Milan will take you through the Swiss Alps. You just haven’t made a train journey until you have sat looking out the window at the peak of the Matterhorn and the beauty of this magnificent mountain range.  


Finally, the most commonly used transport for navigating the world in these modern times. The plane is without a doubt one of the best ways to travel, it gets you over long distances and is ideal for traveling Europe in a short space of time. We don’t all have the luxury of spending hours on a train or in a car and need to use a plane to get from A to B quickly. 

Something that a lot of people might not think about is their arrival at the airport. There will be plenty of public transport options at most airports, but do your research before you set off. You should also look into private hire companies that will transport you around the city when you arrive, like in Italy. Airport transfers are incredibly helpful when you arrive, partly because it stops you adding on unnecessary travel time to the end of your flight.


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