Who else is loving the sun as much as me? I’m taking it in because we all know this isn’t going to last long, especially in Manchester! I’ve mentioned in previous posts, around this time of year, I’m on ‘Mission Beach Body’. I’m always shaking up my diet and trying something to help give my body that little head start.

I tried ‘Shake It Slim’ from Forza last month and was delighted with the results. Needless to say, when they mentioned this new product to me, I was really interested in knowing more. ‘Stir It Slim’ is a meal replacement, but comes in the form of a hot drink. This is something I’ve never come across before, but it means I can have this in place of my morning coffee as a calorie controlled meal. If you’re a coffee lover like me, I’m sure you’re intrigued. Forza are the only company I know that do a hot shake like this.

It comes in three variations: Caramel Latte, Latte and Hot Chocolate. The first two actually contain coffee, so they give you that little bit of caffeine boost in the morning!

I was really confused as to how this was going to taste and how I was going to feel about it. I’ve tried a number of meal replacement shakes in the past and I’ve actually tried them warm, which didn’t really go down too well.  You have to make sure you stir them, rather than shaking. Otherwise you’ll end up being covered in it. I’m not speaking from experience.

When I first tasted it, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t keen. It was too thick for my liking and I couldn’t get used to having a meal replacement shake that was hot. The flavour was actually great and definitely the kind of Caramel Latte I’d drink. It probably didn’t help that I was so keen to drink it, I took a sip when it was still boiling. Word to the wise: don’t do that.

I was adamant this wasn’t going to defeat me, so I came up with a solution! I added twice as much water and drank it throughout the morning. Now this is something I can get on board with! It made the product a thinner consistency and definitely had a texture a lot more similar to coffee, rather than a shake.

This is definitely something I’d keep in my cupboard. I can’t function in the morning without a coffee, so even better when said coffee keeps me full until lunch!

You can get these directly from Forza or from Boots.

Have you tried any meal replacement shakes before?




  1. May 13, 2016 / 7:07 am

    Did you loose any weight with this?

    • Shaun Dickson
      May 13, 2016 / 10:02 am

      Hi Renna,
      Yeah! I’ve lost 5lbs in 2 weeks. I’ve also previously used Shake It Slim and lost 5lbs also! It’s a great product!

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