Dermalogica was one of the first skincare brands I ever truly invested in. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of the products and was bought in when I discovered the ethos behind the brand. 

I have explored further a field and found some other brands that I love, but I always keep coming back to Dermalogica. It helps that they keep releasing products that are incredible, along with having a strong line of staples suitable for all types of skin. I’m a big fan of the Charcoal Rescue Masque, and when I found out that Phyto Replenish Oil was hitting the market, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Dermalogica are one of the first companies to introduce layering into a skincare routine. That is the process of adding serums and oils, before a moisturiser. This meant I naturally had high expectations for the Phyto Replenish Oil. Did it live up to them?

The short and sweet answer would be: Yes. The Phyto Replenish Oil is designed to hydrate, repair and protect the skin. You can put it either under a moisturiser, or mix it in with your face cream. I was expecting the oil to leave my skin looking shiny, but I was happily surprised when it didn’t. It quickly absorbs into the skin and leave the face feeling soft and glowing. I did find that it works better if I mixed it in with my moisturiser during the day, and put it on under my cream at night. It just seemed to sit better with my skin. This oil doesn’t everything I want from a product to be fair, my skin is dry and tends to get a bit sensitive. Having a product that helps to repair my skin barrier is something i’m always interested in. 

The product is packed full of plant-based oils, including orchard oil, camellia oil and chia seed oil. This is one of the main properties that allows the product to sink so seamlessly into the skin. You only need up to 6 drops to cover your whole face. There’s also a special massage technique that you can use, that Dermalogica explain on their YouTube channel.

All-in-all, i’ve been using the Phyto Replenish Oil for a couple of weeks now and it’s already becoming a staple in my skincare routine. I follow with Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream and that is literally all I need to keep my skin looking hydrating and feeling fresh. 

You can buy Phyto Replenish Oil here.

Have you tried anything from Dermalogica before? What’s your favourite product?



This product was sent to me for review. All views are my own and completely honest.


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