As a guy, there’s always one thing I don’t like buying, shaving stuff. Firstly, they’re expensive, and secondly, there are so many options. Thankfully, Cornerstone combat both my concerns, which makes them the perfect point-of-call for all things shaving.

What is Cornerstone?

For those of you who don’t know – Cornerstone is a male shaving subscription service that has taken the industry by storm. For a small fee, you get everything you need to get the perfect shave. It’s fully customisable to you and can come with a razor, scrub, shaving gel or cream and a post shave balm. You complete a short survey on the site, and it also plans in the frequency of your deliveries. That sounds great, right?

What do I think of Cornerstone?

One thing I love about Cornerstone, is the fact that your razor handle can be engraved! Whether it’s for yourself, or as a gift, you can get up to 3 characters on the handle of the razor – which is great. The box I received came with the razor handle, 6 razor heads, a shave gel, face scrub and post-shave balm. Literally everything I ever need to get a close and comfortable shave.

The razor blades have five super sharp blades, which are specifically angled to glide smoothly across the skin. In turn, this helps to reduce skin irritation, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Its also paired with an Aloe Vera moisturising strip, so when you use it, you can’t feel the razor pulling against your face. I actually had to double check if it was working because it felt that smooth.

The pre-shave scrub feels great, has a subtle smell and is gentle on the skin. Follow this with the shave gel and your skin already feels amazing. I like the consistency of the shave gel, it’s very similar to Aloe Vera. One thing I always look for in a shave gel, is transparency. I carefully shave my beard into shape, so having a gel I can see through, means I avoid the possibility of taking a chunk out of my beard. We don’t want that now.

Then finally, the post-shave balm. It’s natural to get a bit of irritation after any shave.¬†Even though the Cornerstone razor minimises this more than any razor I’ve tried in the past. Sometimes you just catch your skin slightly. The post-shave balm soothes and calms the skin, whilst leaving it feeling cool and refreshed. Once you’ve tried this, you definitely won’t regret it.

My Final Thoughts…

I never thought a shaving subscription would be for me. However, I must admit, that after trying Cornerstone, I’m hooked! It’s easy, the products are high quality, and it fits through my letter box! We’re onto a winner!

If you haven’t tried Cornerstone – I’d definitely recommend you to. It’s affordable and fully customisable, so you get exactly what you want and need, at a frequency that suits you!

Check them out by heading over to You defintiely won’t regret it.



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