Celebrating World Chocolate Day with JimJams

Raise your hand if you love Nutella! ✋ But do you know how much sugar it contains?

It’s World Chocolate Day on the 7th July, which is the best excuse to indulge. This year I’ve been reducing the amount of sugar I’ve been having, and I actually cut it out completely for 3 months – so I’m a lot more clued up on what’s in my food. A typical chocolate spread can actually contain over 200g of sugar per jar. That’s huge!

With that in mind, I’ve never been happier to share a sweet treat with you all. JimJams have two chocolate spreads, that have 83% less sugar than leading brands. This year I’ve been reducing how much sugar I have each day. For me, it’s been the best way for me to control my weight in a way I can actually stick to.

But when you cut out sugar, you really do start to miss chocolate. Well, I do anyway. Thankfully, with JimJams, I can actually have my cake and eat it too.

What makes JimJams so special?

JimJams have two products in their range, a milk chocolate spread and a chocolate hazelnut spread. As I’ve already mentioned, both of these products have 83% less sugar than leading brands. But they’re also gluten free, kinder on teeth and diabetic friendly. Not to mention that they’ve also won an award for how they taste!

Typically when you remove sugar from a product, it’s usually packed full of other things to compensate for it. JimJams use a sugar alcohol called malitol. Maltiol is actually a member of the xylitol family, which you might be more familar with because it’s used to sweeten chewing gum and toothpaste.

Alongside the issue of sugar, most supermarket hazelnut chocolate spread brands are packed full of palm oil. Whilst some of it is produced in a sustainable way, unfortunately some isn’t. JimJams mainly use rapeseed oil in their spread, which is packed full of Omega 3 and low in saturated fats. Now the spreads do contain some palm oil, but it’s fully sustainable and certified by the RSPO.

So the important question, how does it taste?

Pretty good to be fair!

I’m not going to lie, I had low expectations. Purely becuase I’ve tried products like that that claim to be better before, and they’re usually vile. But not JimJams! I think if I didn’t know it had less sugar, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

I feel as though it’s sweeter than a supermarket hazelnut spread, even though it has less sugar. It doesn’t taste as rich as others I’ve tried, but it’s still by far one of the best I’ve tasted.

Now I just ate this straight off a spoon, which I know is vile, but we’re being real here. But I know this would taste even better on toast, or even pancakes! My boyfriend and I used to eat pancakes every weekend, but in an attempt to be healthier, we cut them out. Well I guess this Sunday morning ritual can come out of hibernation!

If you haven’t tried JimJams before, I’d really recommend it. No healthy food ever tastes as good as the original, because the sugar causes an addiction, but this brand comes pretty close!

You can get JimJams from either Holland & Barrett, or most supermarkets. Have you tried it before? Let me know in the comments below!


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