4 Reasons To Take A Trip To Cardiff This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and many of us are starting to look forward to a much-needed break. Whether you are single, or you’ve got a family at home, you are probably looking forward to taking a week or two off work, avoiding chores and getting some much-needed rest. 

Most of us are busy. We work, we look after our homes, we try to spend time with our friends and family and be there when people need us. You might be continually pushing for promotions and trying to find ways to better yourself, while also taking care of your health and fitness. Modern life is exhausting. That’s why holidays are so important. It’s your chance to leave it all behind, to bond with your travel companions and get to know each other again. For a little fun and excitement, as well as the opportunity to catch up on some sleep and reduce your stress levels. 

If you haven’t already booked this all-important summer trip, you might still be looking for the perfect place to go. Cardiff could be ideal. It’s not too far from home. Travel is relatively easy and cheap from anywhere in the UK. The weather is usually good over the summer months, but not that hot that it is uncomfortable. It’s a city where there is plenty to do during the day, but also a fantastic nightlife. Whatever kind of break you are after, Cardiff could have something for you.

Great Accommodation Choices

When visiting Cardiff, you’ve got options. You won’t be stuck in a grotty caravan site or a grubby hotel. You could go glamping or staff in a luxury hotel if you want some glamour. If you enjoy your own space, and home comforts, Cardiff serviced apartments can be perfect. If you prefer a change, a city centre B&B can be charming. There are plenty of options. You just need to find one that suits your needs. 

To See Cardiff Castle


Cardiff Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area, and it’s certainly a great place to learn more about the history of the city, as well as the rest of Wales. It’s also the perfect place to go for a view of the whole city from the top of Norman Keep, which can help you to get your bearings for the rest of your break. You’ll get to experience the glamour of the high life, but also wartime shelters and a soldier’s story. It’s a great day out. 

A City Break without Crowds

Visiting some cities in the summer months is hell. There are queues everywhere, towns are overrun by kids enjoying a school break, and you can barely walk down the street without being crushed. Cardiff is likely to be busier during the summer months, but you certainly won’t experience crowds in the same way as you might in London or Paris. 

For Great Hospitality

The Welsh are well-known for their fantastic hospitality, which makes it the perfect place for a family trip. You’ll be well looked after, the locals will be keen to share their stories and help you on your way, and you might even make some great friends.


Lighthearted and Carefree Travel Falls Down to Preparation

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Travelling the world is an extremely exciting opportunity that is becoming increasingly accessible for more and more of us, as airlines are offering increasingly cheap flights and more and more low cost hostels are popping up in popular tourist locations. However, as you can imagine, it can prove to be a pretty stressful experience if you don’t plan everything out properly in advance. When you head away for an extended period of time, you have a whole lot to take into consideration to ensure that everything goes smoothly and as expected. When it comes down to it, having a great time while you are away falls entirely down to good planning and preparation. So, what steps should you take to give yourself the best chances of an enjoyable time should you go globe trotting? Here are a few areas to focus on at the outset!

Booking Flights

If you know where you’re heading, make sure to map out a route that you intend to follow and book flights well in advance. This can help you to save a whole lot of money. Sure, it may be tempting to book flights as you go – this provides a lot more flexibility. If you’re particularly enjoying one place, you can opt to stay there for a little longer. If a certain location doesn’t appeal to you as much as you thought it would, you can head off sooner than you originally anticipated. But flight prices can really fluctuate and you may find that leaving booking until last minute once you’re already overseas can cost a lot more than being a little more organised and putting time limits on your stay in each location. Keep an eye out for special offers and deals. Even if a particularly good price crops up and you can’t afford the ticket in that moment, you could take out secured instalment loans, purchase the tickets and benefit from the savings, then pay the sum back to the professional lender as and when you have it.

Choosing a Reliable Travel Companion

Travelling the world solo can be extremely liberating. You gain a real opportunity to get to know yourself, as you take yourself out of your usual environment and away from the people you are used to interacting with. You get to experience how you react to different situations. You gain the opportunity to do what you want rather than allowing plans to revolve around others’ wants and needs. This is all extremely positive. But when it comes down to it, the majority of us want some sort of travel companion to head away with. Travelling with someone can also be extremely fruitful. You create new bonds and experience whole new worlds together. You can support one another. You can take great pictures of one another. You can also share the burden of driving if you head out on road trips or stray from the beaten track. But if you’re heading away with someone for an extended period of time, you need to make sure that you choose someone who you can trust and who you can spend extended periods of time with peacefully. Sure, pairing up with someone for a spontaneous getaway may seem fun. But will you really be able to spend all day every day with them for months on end? Some traits to look for in a travel buddy should include:

  • Respect – do you have a mutual respect for one another? Will you look out for each other, listen to what the other has to say, and support each other emotionally? Travel can be draining, daunting, and exhausting, both emotionally and physically. Your travel partner should be a good support figure in your life to help you through it!
  • Similar Interests – do you want to do the same things? Are you interested in the same sights and activities? You’ll experience a lot of conflict if one of you wants to stay within cities checking out museums, while the other is determined to head out on treks in the rural wilderness.
  • Financial Independence – is your travel partner responsible with their finances? You don’t want to head away with someone who will blow all of their money in a short period of time and then constantly rely on you to cover their food, drinks, and other expenses.

Coming Up With an Itinerary

Once you’ve decided who you’re travelling with, it’s a good idea to come up with an itinerary. Of course, this should be flexible and subject to change. But having an itinerary can give your trip direction and help you to plan your time wisely, ensuring that you get to see everything you wanted to see in each different country or city you pass through. Research locations you are going to be visiting and see what there is to do and see in each spot. See what other travellers have recommended. Browse Pinterest boards and note down particularly scenic spots you want to head to. Not only will this help you to organise your trip, but it’ll help to get excitement going too!


When heading overseas, you may become exposed to illnesses and diseases that you are not currently immune to. So, it’s extremely important that you research the places that you are heading to and receive the recommended vaccinations well in advance of heading away. This will give the vaccinations a chance to work and can prevent you from becoming ill.


Make sure to familiarise yourself with the weather and climate of areas you are visiting at the time of year you’re visiting. You should also have a rough idea of different activities that you may be engaging with. This will give you an opportunity to pack the right types of clothing to see you through your trip comfortably.

There really is a whole lot to bear in mind when it comes to preparing for a worldwide trip. But at the end of the day, the more preparation and thought you put into the process, the more lighthearted and carefree you can feel while you’re away!


How To Get The Best Experience When Hiking Abroad

Hiking can be a fantastic way for you to get fit. It gives you the chance to work nearly every muscle in your body, not to mention that the views are absolutely amazing. If you are going on a hiking holiday however then you may need to plan in advance to make sure that you get the best experience possible.

Your Trip Style

Would you rather camp out at night, or would you prefer to bunk in a rustic hut? By planning out the style of trip you want to go on, you can effectively rule out some destinations. This will also help you to plan out your bucket list as well. For example, if you really want to go to see the Scottish Highlands then this is very easy to do, and if your dream hotel happens to be nearby then this will make the vacation that bit more enjoyable. Planning is crucial here, and when you have settled on your destination, the rest of it becomes way easier.  If the Scottish Highlands seem appealing, then you can find out more information on visiting Scotland here.


Talk to Booking Companies

When you have figured out the style of holiday you are looking for and your destination, you can then start to talk with booking services to see if they can find you the best deal. They will also be able to plan out your transfers as well, so you don’t have to worry about that. Another bonus of going through a booking service is that they can arrange excursions that you might not have been aware of.


Your Fitness Level

You may be able to walk a mile or two on pavement without any discomfort. Hiking however is a completely different story. You will be using different muscles and you will also be walking much further. A lot of hiking trails give you the chance to choose a route that reflects your fitness level and this is a fantastic way for you to get your dream holiday without exhausting yourself too much. You can find out plenty of information online about this, and you can also see if other people have written about their experiences too. By doing this, you can find out once and for all

if you are up to the task.


For most hikes, you should start training a month or two before the big day. You could go to the gym every week and use the stair machine, or you could even jump on the exercise bike. This will strengthen all of the right muscles. If you want to give yourself an additional boost, then you can supplement your training by going on long walks and hikes. Try and do these over the weekend, and also try and opt for dirt trails instead of just using the pavement. Jogging will boost your stamina and your agility too, so if you can, push yourself a little harder from time to time.

Carrying Gear

It’s so important that you get used to carrying gear. You need to use a loaded backpack when

you are out walking. The size and even the weight will largely depend on the trip you are taking. For example, if you are going up a mountain then you may need a much heavier backpack when compared to if you were going on a trail.


Hiking boots are a must-have. There really is no substitution for them. When choosing your

boots, you have to make sure that they have good ankle support. They also need to be well-fitting and broken-in. If you take brand new shoes with you then this is a huge mistake. They could make your trip really painful and you may end up with blisters as a result. One way for you to get around this would be for you to take your boots with you when you go on your practice hike. This way you can find out if they are suitable for the way that you walk.

What to Pack

Your tour operator will usually give you a list of all the clothing you will need. They will probably tell you that you need some comfortable waterproof clothing and that you also need clothing that breathes as well. Of course, sun protection is also vital. Even if it is not warm, it is still possible for you to be affected by the sun’s rays and you never really know when the weather is going to turn when you are out and on the go either.  By preparing for everything, you’ll always be prepared.


Taking Your Road Trips To The Next Level

The road trip is a tradition, a must-have part of every travel-lover’s life, and the opportunity to see what you might easily miss when you’re only sticking to hotels, resorts, and tourist-driven areas. However, your experience may vary wildly, especially if you go in unprepared and alone. If you’re a regular road tripper, here are a few ways to make sure you get the best out of them.


Take the time you need

As mentioned, a road trip is your opportunity to see more on your travels. For that reason, it’s essential to ensure you have the time cleared to really get out and explore. While you don’t necessarily have to have a year of travel planned out, a weekend isn’t enough by most standards to really get the grand adventure experience that most have come to expect from a road trip. It’s often a much more cost-effective way to enjoy a longer holiday, so take your time with it.


Drive a car worth driving

Do you want the best driving experience possible, while also being able to see a lot more on your journey? Just another reason to invest in a car that’s really worth driving. Not only does a better performing, more reliable car keep the journey swift and reduce your chances of an early trip home due to a breakdown. Off-road luxury cars like the new Mercedes-Benz GLS make it a lot easier to see more of national parks, country trails, and rougher terrain. Off-road vehicles are especially good for finding those camping spots, so you don’t have to pay up the costs of accommodation on the way, too.


Plenty of on-road entertainment

Although the route may sometimes be scenic or offer new perspectives, there’s no denying that the driving can sometimes be the least fun part of the road trip, especially if you’re trying to cover a lot of ground quickly via the motorway. To that end, a top-quality infotainment system like the latest MBUX can make a huge difference. Not only can the right infotainment system offer you plenty of functionality to better suit your car’s setting to the drives, but easy access to mobile networks, your music, podcasts and more can help you keep the drive engaging no matter how slow the going gets.


The right team

Solo road trips are by no means impossible, but if you are taking a cadre with you, make sure they’re all on-board and truly part of the team. Make a road trip checklist of different duties, from finding stops, to controlling the entertainment, to drivers who can switch in and out. When everyone pulls their weight, you feel a lot less of the responsibility and stress on your shoulders. You can focus on the drive and making sure everyone gets from point A to point B safely.

Regular road trips give the traveller the chance to see areas a little more closely and to have an experience that’s all the more personalised to them. Hopefully, the tips above show you that it’s worth taking those road trips to the next level.


Things To Do Before Taking Off For A Year Of Traveling

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The idea of taking off and going travelling around the world for at least a year is something that most people would really love to do, but that they think is out of reach for them.

However, in this day and age with so many opportunities available, thanks to the internet and social media, it’s now more common for people to adopt this lifestyle and travel around the world or even live around the world permanently by working online.

Even if you only want to travel for a year, then there are some things that you could have in place before you go that could make your life a lot easier.

So in this post we’re going to share with you just what those things are that you should do before taking off for a year of travelling.

Get your paperwork in order:

Being as prepared as possible is going to make everything so much easier once you arrive in your new destination or destinations, so making sure that you have all of the correct paperwork, that your passport is up to date, and that you have things like visas and work permits, and even insurance documents with you at all times just in case you need them.

You should also have things like travel insurance, and even your driver’s licence if you want to be driving in other countries.

Consider how you’re funding your travels:

Even when you go with the most budget options when travelling for a year – travelling is still going to come at a cost, so you may want to consider how exactly you’re going to fund everything.

For example, you could look at renting your current place out on airbnb, or you may even want to consider selling that New Audi R8 that you’ve just bought, but that you won’t be needing for a year. Other ways that you can look at funding your travels, include working online or simply looking for work in the place that you’re going to be.

Either way, you’re going to be needing to fund your travels and unless you have a lot of savings already in place, then you’ll need to get creative with coming up with the cash.

Look for work:

If you are going to be looking for work, then this is best done before you go so that you can see what options are available to you.

Places like hostels, tour companies, and hotels are often looking for seasonal workers, so this could be a good option for you if you’re going from place to place and don’t plan on staying too long.

Make a plan:

As with everything, if you have a plan in place, then it’s going to be a whole lot easier. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick to your plan to the word, but simply having a road map that you can work with will make things go smoother when you’re traveling.

This can include things like which countries you’re planning to visit, what you want to do whilst you’re there, and what kind of experiences you want to have.