BENZ and BLANC Charcoal Whitening Powder Review

Have you been interested in trying a charcoal teeth whitening powder? BENZ and BLANC have a great one, so read my review and find out why I love it.

We’re all on the hunt for the best way to get a white smile, right? Many companies offer products to do it, and whilst they might work, they’re unnatural and can damage your teeth. BENZ and BLANC have the solution for you. The Charcoal Whitening Powder is 100% organic, natural and vegan! I bet you’re already itching to try it.

benz and blanc charcoal whitening powder

Firstly, Who Are BENZ and BLANC?

BENZ and BLANC are a small boutique business based in the heart of Leeds. Founded in 2016 by Paul, they’re only 5 months old but already making massive steps in the world of cosmetic dental care. Their own Charcoal Whitening Powder came after customers kept asking for something better than what was already on the market. They wanted to create a product that was natural, good for the economy and actually worked!

How Do You Use It?

When I first opened the tin, I honestly had no idea where to begin. When you’re presented with a pot of black powder that’s meant to go in your mouth, it’s a little bit scary. The application couldn’t be more simple – you dip a wet toothbrush in and start brushing your teeth! Word of warning, this get’s everywhere if you’re not careful. Leave the powder on for a couple of minutes, brush it off, and your teeth will be gleaming!

benz and blanc charcoal whitening powder

What Did I Think?

Coming from a charcoal whitening sceptic, I’m impressed! This stuff actually works! My teeth instantly looked brighter and felt cleaner. It’s not the easiest product to remove, and I’m not a fan of the taste but they’re just technical aspects of the process.

My biggest issue with this product is the taste. It doesn’t taste bad, but it tastes weird to me. Luckily, I recently found out that they’re working on flavoured versions, so if you’re concerned about the taste, BENZ and BLANC will have you covered shortly!

Some Extra Information

The BENZ and BLANC Whitening Charcoal Powder is made from coconut shells, and it’s 100% natural and organic. The packaging is a cute little aluminium tin, which is recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint than glass – winner! If you’re looking to give it a go, you can start with the 15g tin which is £6.99. Some of the proceeds from the product actually go to the charity Operation Smile, so the company are really making waves in supporting the industry.

I can’t rave about this company more than I do. BENZ and BLANC help the community, the economy and anyone who comes into their store in Leeds. I’ve got massive respect for the owner, Paul, and I honestly think you’d be silly not to click this link and purchase the product.

Have you tried charcoal whitening powder before? Let me know in the comments.

This product was kindly gifted to me. All opinions and views are 100% my own.

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