I’m a victim of dry skin! It’s difficult for me to go by my daily life without ending the day looking like a lizard. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but you catch my drift.

Avaj have been nice enough to send me some products tailored toward dry skin. I’m always on the lookout for body creams to help with my dryness, I find that it’s one of the most difficult things to come across. Most brands main priorities are on face care and body care tends to come as an add-on.

I was sent four products to review. The Opulent Jet Body Butter, the Spray Mist Sandalwood Body Moistursier, the Strawberry Lip Shine and the Peppercorn Exfoliating Face Scrub. I’ve been using these products for the past month now and I’m seriously impressed. They come nicely packaged and feel really luxurious. The packaging is metal with simplistic branding. In my opinion, it’s some of the nicest packaging I’ve come across. It feels really expensive. We deserve a treat, right guys?

The Opulent Jet Body Butter is a thick body butter that has proven results for helping dryness. It protects the skin against drying, accelerates healing and nourishes. I was really keen to try this as I’d actually heard good things on social media about it. I always tend to get dry skin on the tops of my arms and couldn’t wait to give this a go. It’s creamy and feels lovely on the skin. I wouldn’t use it all over my body because it’s a bit thick, but I put it on my problem areas and it’s instantly soft and smooth! It also has a lovely smell, masculine and not too overpowering. I’m definitely going to repurchase this again, it has done wonders for my skin.

The Spray Mist Sandalwood Body Moisturiser is something else I was really keen to try. Moisturising my body is a massive chore, so anything that makes it easier is a winner. Plus, I love the smell of sandalwood so this product instantly got off to a good start. It’s a lot lighter than the body butter and the smell is a lot more fragrant, which I’m not mad about! It glides onto the skin easily and leaves my skin smelling and feeling great. I tend to use this in the areas where I don’t use Opulent Jet as it’s a bit lighter and absorbs into the skin quicker. Pairing both products together has been a winning combination for me.

The Peppercorn Exfoliating Face Scrub helps to remove dead skin, oil and dirt from your skin. It’s a cream based gentle scrub and is not too abrasive. For someone with sensitive skin this is a plus point. It has Sweet Almond Oil in which is known in skincare for its moisturising properties. It did help to remove the dry skin from my face, especially around my nose.

The Strawberry Lip Shine is a nice, simple lip balm. It’s petroleum based so has a similar feeling to Vaseline, but with a subtle strawberry scent. Pretty straight forward, but does the job well!

Overall, I’m really impressed with Avaj. They’re a Yorkshire based brand and you can actually tell they care about their customers. Alongside skincare, Avaj retail underwear and accessories. I’d definitely check them out if you’re interested in skincare tailored toward men. You also get a couple of cheeky chocolates thrown in with your order. #Winning

Avaj Grooming is reasonably priced and really high quality. Check out Avaj here.

Have you tried Avaj before? What is your favourite skincare brand? Let me know in the comments below.



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