A Life Of Travel: Top Tips For Life On The Road


There comes a time in many of our lives when living in the same four walls and working at the same office every single day just isn’t enough anymore. We might long to explore the world and everything it has to offer and feel a sense of freedom in our day to day lives. If you are considering living on the open road with nothing but a van and a map this year, or even if you want to take a trip for a few months to reset your mind, we have some handy tips for you. Here are some of the things which you will want to consider when you are on the road for a long period of time. 

Will you sell your house? 

The main thing you need to consider if you are thinking of living on the road for a while is what you are going to do with your current home. If you have a house and a mortgage it can be a difficult decision to sell up and you may not want to lose your home for good. Make sure to sit down and think about the budget you have for living and be sure that you can afford to live as well as pay off the mortgage each month. If not, you’ll have to either sell up or wait for a while to make a decision. 

Will you rent? 

If you have a house or you have bought your own flat, there is an option which works as a good compromise between selling up and paying off your bills each month. Instead of either of these things you could consider hiring property management services to manage your flat or house and rent it out while you are travelling. This will allow you to keep ownership of the home and also make some money towards the bills. It’s a win win and you know that when you do return home you’ll have it waiting there for you.

Will you quit your job? 

Now this might sound like a crazy question depending on the type of role you do, but is there any way of you working remotely in the same role and simply travelling around as you work? Most office environments these days recognise that everyone has different needs and they may allow working from home or working on the road if needs be. Before you quit and look for a new role, make sure to check this out and see if you can. 

What will you take with you? 

The big question that you need to ask yourself if you want to live on the open road for a while is what will you take with you on the trip. If you are planning to live on the road permanently or you are selling your house, you will likely have to sell your furniture and get rid of a lot of your possessions. However if you plan to come home at some point in the future you can pay for a storage unit to keep your things safe and sound for the time being. Remember to only take what you need because you will have limited space for living.


If you plan to cross over the seas as you travel the world, you need to consider the fact that different countries have different currencies. Be sure to bring along a travel credit card with you to make payment easier, and also take the time to head to the bureau de change to grab some cash before you head to your next destination. This is something which should be super obvious but when you are already out on the road it can be easy to forget for a moment.

Budget for your meals 

When you want to live your life in a more carefree way out on the road you will likely not do weekly shopping trips in the same way as you did back home. It is most likely easier for you to buy food for a couple of days and make sure that you don’t waste any of it. Food can be expensive and you want to make sure that you can feed yourself and your family well each day. Try to think of big batch meals which you can make to cover a few days of eating, and this can be a helpful way to save some money. 

Finding work 

If you decide not to pursue a remote position at your current job, this means that you are going to need to find some work elsewhere. Make sure to look for freelance jobs online and jobs where you can work from anywhere, and also consider taking up part time positions in small businesses in the places where you go.

Start a blog 

A great way to make a living while you are on the road is to start up a travel blog. If you are looking for a business venture which you can pursue while you are on the road then writing a blog about your experiences and making sure to share your opinion on different locations can be a great thing to do. It will allow you to make money passively and this can be a handy way to support your lifestyle.

Write a book 

If blogging is a little too much of a risk for you in the money making department,the alternative would be to write a book about each area or county you visit along with the best places to go and some history about the area. Travel books like this are always popular with people and they can be exactly what you need to make some money to fund your lifestyle.


Living on the road is likely everything you ever dreamed of. Let life take you where it wants to go and simply enjoy the freedom you have. You’ll likely learn a lot during your time on the road and it will enrich your life.


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