5 Amazing Adventure Destinations in Europe

Some people see travel as a way to take a break from the stress of work and home life and just relax for a week or two. For those people, the luxury beach holiday is the best travel experience there is. They love sitting out in the sun or lounging around by the pool reading a book. But for some people, that sounds like a nightmare. If you’re the kind of person that gets bored easily, sitting around doing nothing all week probably isn’t the kind of travel experience you’re looking for. You need something more active instead. There are plenty of places around the world where you can have great adventure holidays and explore natural wonders. Europe is a great continent that has so many brilliant opportunities for adventure, if you’re looking for an active travel experience, you should add these places to your bucket list. 


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Slovakia probably isn’t top of your list of travel destinations but it should be on there because there are so many great places to explore out there. The capital city of Bratislava is a beautiful city with a rich history but if it’s adventure you’re after, you should head out to High Trata on the border of Poland for a great hiking holiday. Europe is filled with prime hiking destinations but if you visit the alps, you’re going to pay a lot of money for it. Slovakia is a great alternative if you’re traveling on a budget. There are over 20 summits to choose from where you’ll see some amazing views of beautiful valleys and picturesque lakes. There are some great package deals available that offer guided tours over a few different peaks so you’ll get to explore a good amount of the area. 


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Croatia is a very popular travel destination at the minute because of its great cultural heritage, beautiful beaches and world famous music festivals. But it’s also a great place to find adventure as well. There are plenty of opportunities for active adventures in Croatia along the coast. You can go sailing, snorkeling, kayaking or paddle boarding around the idyllic coastline of Croatia and visit some of the secluded islands nearby. There’s no better way to explore the great beaches in Croatia. While you’re there, you can visit the city of Split where you’ll find a quaint old town, Roman ruins and the amazing Diocletian’s Palace.


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The idea of a cycling trip sounds like hell for some people, but if you love getting on your bike and hitting the road, Romania is ideal for you. Driving through a country is fine, but there’s no better way to take in your surroundings than on a bike. Romania has everything that you could ever want from a cycling trip. There are ancient forests and huge mountain landscapes and you’ll pass through lots of tiny villages along the way. These UNESCO protected villages are frozen in time and give you a snapshot of what traditional life in Romania was like. There are some great cycling tours around Transylvania ranging from simple 4 day trips to month long excursions.


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Switzerland is a beautiful country with some incredible ice covered landscapes to admire. But if simply admiring them isn’t enough for you, why not climb them instead? If you’re a thrillseeker, you absolutely have to try ice climbing in the Swiss Alps. If you’re an experienced climber, you can take a week long climbing trip where you’ll be staying in huts along the way and exploring untracked routes up the mountain. But don’t worry if you don’t have experience, you can still try your hand at ice climbing. There are specific beginners excursions where you can tackle some easier climbs and learn all of the techniques that you need so you can beat the advanced routes next time around.  


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When you think of a great safari holiday, Africa probably springs to mind. But traveling to Africa for a Safari can be pretty expensive. If you want a cheaper option that’s just as good, Spain is the place to go. The Donana National Park and the Andujar Natural Park are the only two places in the world where you can catch a glimpse of the Iberian Lynx, the rarest cat in the entire world. There are some great 4×4 safaris or hiking trips that you can take in both parks but if you want to be sure that you’re going to see the Iberian Lynx, you should sign yourself up for week long trip with guides. 

If you’re looking for a great adventure travel experience, Europe is definitely the place to find it.


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