5 Alternative Uses for Men’s Eye Makeup

As men’s makeup is becoming more popular, I’ve ended up with a nice little collection of products from MMUK MAN that I’ve been using for a couple of months.

I wanted to push the boundaries, and rather than using the product for just it’s intended purpose, figure out a couple of alternative ways to use them to make them more accessible to all men.

Before I get into it, I wanted to just discuss the products from MMUK MAN, a bit about my thoughts, and how to use them for their intended purpose.

MMUK MAN Clear Mascara

You might have seen on my Instagram, but I’m always complaining about how tiny my eyelashes are. I’ve been using RapidLash to condition them, but the MMUK MAN Clear Mascara gives them a bit of a boost.

It isn’t as intense as going for a coloured one, and basically just styles your eye lashes. Sounds silly, but when you do it, you’ll get it. A clear mascara helps open your eyes, and generally make you look more awake. Think of it like an added tool to trick everyone into thinking you’re more awake after a heavy night. You can thank me later!

MMUK MAN Eye Liner

Receiving the MMUK MAN Eye Liner is actually what sparked this whole blog post. I didn’t know why I’d use it, how I’d use it, and how it would look. So rather than using it how it was intended, I wanted to think of alternative ways.

Although I travelled to Orlando shortly after getting this product, and I was actually quite surprised by how many guys were wearing eye liner! It’s legit a thing, and I’m fully on board with it.

MMUK MAN Brow Shadow

I started using eyebrow products when I was in university. I shaved off a part of my eyebrow, and needed to cover it up. (Yes, I shaved off my OWN eyebrow – don’t ask.) So I 100% understand why you’d use an eyebrown pencil.

The one I’ve been using for MMUK MAN looks so natural when applied, and has a creamy texture so it blends into your natural eyebrows. It’s great.

MMUK MAN Beard and Brow Mascara

This product was completely new to me, and something I’ve always wanted. As you can see in some of the tips below, a couple of ‘typical’ men’s makeup products can be used in alternative ways, but MMUK MAN have taken the thought out of this.

Their Beard and Brow Mascara is a multi-purpose product that helps to define and shape your brows and facial hair. Because it’s got a colour in, it’s also great at covering up any of those rogue grey hairs you might get.

Without further ado, here are 5 alternative ways to use men’s eye makeup

  1. Use an eye liner to fill in your beard. If you’re like me and you’re cursed with a patchy beard, this tips for you. Grab an eye liner in the same colour as your facial hair, an draw little hairs in between the patches. It’ll make your beard appear fuller, which I’m all about.
  2. Use clear mascara to smooth our your eyebrows. I actually use a seperate gel to do this, but if you’re looking for one product, grab a clear mascara and run it through your eyebrows. It’ll work in the same way you’d use a styling product for your hair, helping you make your eyebrows to look less crazy and more tame..
  3. Use clear mascara to tame fly aways. If you’re anything like me, you’ll always have a couple of rogue strands of hair that just won’t stay in the style. Grab a clear mascara, and run a small amount over any stray hairs to help them fall back into place.
  4. Use a brow filler to fill in your hairline. I don’t suffer from this, but I know thinning hair is an issue for a lot of guys. Use a brow filler to darken your hairline, making it look fuller. Noone will be able to tell your hair is thinning!
  5. Use an eye liner to darken your lashes. Probably a tip that’s a little bit out there, but it works. Using an eye liner, carefully run it along your lashes. Be incredibly careful so you don’t poke your eye out, but I’ve used this tip a couple of times and it works.

If you haven’t already, take the leap and add some men’s makeup to your everday routine. I always reach for MMUK MAN, because I’m confident that the formulas will work and they’ve never let me down.

Have you tried anything from MMUK MAN before? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram.


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