4 Top Mediterranean Cities To Visit On A Cruise!


 Perhaps you’re planning your next holiday jaunt and thinking about a cruise? If so, then you’ve got the right idea! Cruises are both affordable and fun and allow you to see many beautiful places with convenience and ease. If you haven’t been on a cruise before, then perhaps you’re wondering which kinds of destinations are available? Some of the top cruise destinations are those stunning Mediterranean cities that you’ve just always wanted to visit! Let’s consider a few that might tickle your fancy. 


 Barcelona is an effortlessly charming city that’s certainly one for the bucket list! The city is famous all across the globe due to its awe-inspiring architecture. Tourists flock to marvel at the stunning Gaudi’s Cathedral; a beautiful church that’s been over a century in the construction process (and still is)! You won’t want to miss this UNESCO World Heritage site to delight your eyes (and your cameras). The city is perfectly set against the sea and the mountains, you’ll find gorgeous beaches and a vibrant city that will never leave you bored! For Paella and Tapas lovers; you’ll have the time of your life with some of the most delicious foods you’ll ever taste! 



 Cannes is a beautiful place set on France’s gorgeous Riviera, those looking for something special in a cruise destination won’t be disappointed. Famed world over as the setting of Cannes Film Festival, the city has a wonderfully chic reputation. Le Vieux Port is a great place to unwind and admire the stunning yachts that arrive. There are plenty of trendy bars to wet your whistle in this hot spot! Watching the sunset from here is simply unmissable. For those who love a castle, be sure to visit Musée de la Castre; this museum is housed inside a beautiful medieval castle. Here you’ll find some wonderful views of Cannes along with some beautiful paintings and medieval artifacts. Cannes has an utterly charming atmosphere that isn’t like any other city in the world; experiencing Cannes by cruise feels all the more luxurious! 


Portugal’s charming capital is one of the most cosmopolitan and stunning cities in all of Europe. It’s a vibrant place with excellent weather that’s set beautifully near the mouth of the River Tagus. You’ll feel the amazing atmosphere as you stroll along the riverbank or the quaint streets of the old town. Lisbon is rich with great cuisines, history, and art too. One of the top attractions to draw tourists is the Castelo de São Jorge; a gorgeous castle set on a hill overlooking Lisbon. (Museum-lovers will find this castle not one to be missed!) 

 You’ll find some truly delicious foods here, one of the top foods to try in Lisbon is a pastel de nata. These are essentially sweet egg tart pastries (somewhere between a cake and a custard tart). Those with a sweet tooth will not be disappointed with these freshly made beauties! With all that’s on offer, some might wonder how accessible Lisbon is as a cruise destination? Rest assured, there are plenty of options to cruise from the UK to Lisbon. There are even cruises that depart from Southampton and go all around the Mediterranean! 



With a beautiful climate, plenty of sights and amazing food; Palma is another excellent destination for a cruise. Every visitor wants to see the cathedral and for a good reason; this stunning example of Gothic architecture is delightfully impressive! Palma cathedral is actually one of the biggest in the world and looks just marvellous set against the waterfront. The local name for the cathedral is Le Seu. You’ll love exploring the Bay and swimming in the crystal clear waters; Palma is the perfect place to unwind and relax. There are so many beaches to enjoy here; from Cala Major, Can Pastilla or Platja De Palma. Beach lovers will be spoilt for choice of a place to soak up some rays.

Those who haven’t taken a cruise before may wonder if it’s for them? Cruises offer plenty of benefits, one being that you get to see many different beautiful places in one trip. For those who don’t want to decide on just one Mediterranean city to visit, there are plenty of options out there which will allow you to tick off a few in one go! The great thing about a cruise is; you don’t have to worry too much about the planning. Cruise packages often take care of this kind of legwork, so all you need to do is turn up and have fun! For a cost effective holiday idea, cruises could well be for you.


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