3 Essential Types Of Vacation To Try

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Why do you travel? To see more of the world? To meet new people? To see landmarks? To find yourself? All of these reasons are more than valid, as well as hundreds more you could think up easily. However, does the purpose of the vacation remain the only consideration worth thinking about? Or does its form also matter to you? It’s by asking this question that we can squeeze more out of our future travels. 

Let us explore this idea further. Now, most of us aren’t that bothered which airline we travel with, as long as we travel safe, at a reasonable price, and the experience is reflected in the price of the travel ticket. However, for some, purchasing a more expensive plane ticket and traveling in luxury with a drink or two to hand can make all the difference. This way, the vacation starts almost the moment you arrive at the airport, instead of when you finally arrive at your hotel.

But is spending more money the only means in which you can enjoy a vacation? We hope not. Let us consider how you might change the common choices you might be used to opting for, in order to keep your travel experiences fresh:

The Road Trip

A road trip can be a fantastic and often much-cheaper alternative to a usual vacation, especially if you invest in Volkswagen camper van conversions that have been lovingly crafted or restored. Why? Because this also provides you with your accommodation, or at least a place to store all of your camping or trailer gear when traveling from one place to another. In fact, this can be so worthwhile it’s often surprising that more people do not enjoy this as part of their yearly vacationing adventures. Simply heading to the coast of your country, or heading to the well reviewed camping spots on your route will help you enjoy stop-gaps on your way to see friends, or to guide you through a particular route. This can make all the difference, and with a guitar, some good friends and music, you’re on your way to some great memories.

Sporting Adventures

You needn’t be the best athlete to enjoy a skiing or snowboarding vacation, or perhaps even heading to a place celebrated for its hiking. Sometimes, heading to adventure parks, such as places that teach you spelunking or abseiling can help you get out of your comfort zone with confidence. Sometimes, simply spending time in nature through long guided hikes or orientation exercises can provide you the stress-busting experience you’ve been looking for. Whatever active venture you choose, you can grow through the challenge. For some, activities such as cross-country skiing or long-form hiking and backpacking makes a vacation out of a journey itself. A great, personal expedition, if you will.

A Food Tour

All of that prior advice might have worked up your appetite. We would recommend that at least once in your life, you treat yourself to a food tour. For example, you might decide to go driving around Italy, visiting some must-see restaurants and enjoying some of the best food possible there. Authenticity is key when experiencing all regions of the world. Many of use know that an overly corporatized experience can take us away from the truth of the culture we are visiting. So why accept that in your food?

After all, how better to understand culture than through eating its culinary staples? You might come back a stone or two heavier, but does that matter? Sometimes, you just have to do what’s right by your taste buds, and bond with your travel companion by building food memory after food memory.

With this advice, you are sure to think in a more textured manner regarding the forms of vacation you select.


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