10 Ways To Afford Your Dream Holiday Abroad

Everyone dreams of a place they’d love to see.

For some, there couldn’t be anything more exciting than walking through vibrant, busy and manga-addicted streets of Tokyo.

Others prefer the traditional and rural landscape of Tuscany, where the delicious spaghetti bolognese dish is said to have been born.

Finally, for modern adventurers, the idea of driving along Route 66 across the USA is the definition of what holiday should be about: Fun and sensational road trip.

Find your dream holiday

Regardless of what you’re dreaming of visiting, these types of vacations are for many a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With the Internet making us more aware of the marvels of the world, it’s fair to say that our travel aspirations go well beyond the national borders. Unfortunately, they often go beyond our financial abilities too. How you make your dream come true is a challenge for many first-time travellers. However, don’t panic. There are some solutions you can deploy to fill your memories with new and exciting landscapes:

#1. Research your destination ahead

When it comes to travel, the first rule is to start planning early. You can’t let your imagination feed the journey. You need to take concrete actions if you want ever to make your dream come true. Consequently, you might want to plan for some research time. Indeed, your dream destination has presumably famous landmarks or spots you specifically want to see. It’s a good idea to look more into the details of those as you could be able to save yourself some unnecessary expenses. Picture going to New York, for instance. It’s impossible to think of NYC without thinking of Lady Liberty. If you were to buy tickets to get on top of the statue, you would have to waste a lot of money for an unpleasant and crowded experience. A quick study online could instead give you some of the best locations in town to capture the magic of the statue without breaking the bank. Central Park, the iconic destination at the heart of Manhattan is also free to visit. In short, plan ahead the areas where you have to spend money and the things you can do for free!

#2. Save today, travel tomorrow

There’s no secret. The world is your oyster, but like a good oyster, you have to pay for it. 78% of Britons admit that their ideal holiday doesn’t go beyond fantasising because of simple affordability matters. Travelling is not cheap; however, you shouldn’t let the cost stop you from seeing the world. On the contrary, you can set a financial objective to make your dream come true. Naturally, life puts other expense priorities on your path. Consequently, you might find yourself saving for several years – according to Money Facts 25% of holidaymakers say it would take them more than 5 years to save for their dream vacation. In other words, if you haven’t yet decided on your resolutions for the year, a saving plan could be the way to go.

#3. Can’t wait, look for lending plans

Saving can take a lot of time, and, if you can afford to wait, it might be the easiest solution. However, there are numerous occasions in which waiting is not an option. If you’re planning your honeymoon, or you want to surprise your ageing parents with a trip under the sun, you know that time is the essence. For those cases – and many others – you need to be able to afford to travel as soon as possible. If your credit score is in the medium to high range, you should consider applying for a personal loan directly by your bank. Don’t panic if your credit history is less than optimal; you can look for alternatives such as a guarantor loan from Buddy loans. You’ll find as well a range of loan options from professional brokers, which can often be more advantageous than borrowing through your bank.

#4. Become a nomadic worker

There’s a common misconception among holidaymakers that you have to save ahead of your vacation. In reality, you can see the world even without gathering capital. Believe it or not, but more and more young adults choose to travel and work at the same time. Indeed, all you need to make a living abroad nowadays is to pack your laptop with you.  There is a variety of remote work programmes that let digital nomads work from across the world. Selina is a popular solution that provides high-quality co-working spaces and hostels for independent freelancers looking for new experiences. You can even apply to entrepreneurial training programs all around the world if you want to launch your remote business; now that sounds like the kind of productive travel any ambitious Millennial would love to sign up for!

Work remotely

#5. Volunteer in the places you want to visit

Remote regions exert a strange fascination on modern travellers. While the lack of modern urbanisation can affect your comfort, you can enjoy breathtaking views and experiences in the middle of nature. Imagine a world without smartphones, fast-food restaurant chains, and urban infrastructures. If this sounds appealing, you should research volunteering opportunities. While you don’t get paid to volunteer abroad, you can find centres in the areas you want to visit. Most programmes provide food and accommodation at no or a low cost, which means that you only have to worry about your travel costs. Additionally, you can also make a significant difference in the life of animals and people around you. No many travellers can claim they improve the local lifestyle during their stay! But you can see the world and make it better at the same time!

#6. Some companies pay you to travel

Do you remember that feeling when you were a child and didn’t need to worry about how much your holidays cost? Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of becoming an independent adult is that you have to pay for everything you want. But, when it comes to travel, you can tune in to the tourism market to catch up with the latest job offers. Ultimately, some companies such as Cancun.com – a touristic experience provider dedicated to Cancun in Mexico – offer fully paid travel and accommodation in exchange for social media friendly reviews. The job offer expired in December 2017, but with a little bit of a dig online, you can uncover similar jobs all around the world. Vidanta, a company of luxury resorts launched a similar campaign in 2018. In other words, the next opportunity is deemed to pop out soon!

#7. Maybe a side-hustle is all it takes

If you prefer to save money aside for your future holiday, you might find it difficult to tackle day-to-day bills and expenses while trying to save ahead of a big trip. You can make your life easier by creating a stream of income that is entirely dedicated to financing your vacation. Side-hustle businesses are income-generating activities aside from your daily job that are growing in popularity as a financial management solution. Indeed, more and more workers are turning towards side-hustle to supplementing their professional income. While you can’t replace your day-to-day job, you should be able to pay off your dream holiday a lot more rapidly. A popular choice is to sell unwanted items on eBay, or to create uniquely designed objects for Etsy.

#8. Don’t need a luxury lifestyle? Become a backpacker

For a lot of holidaymakers, the vacation budget disappears almost entirely in unnecessary luxury additions. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to pick five-star or more hotels for the night and to indulge in extravagant snacks, meals and visits during the stay. As a result, your holiday budget goes overboard. However, if you are not looking for luxury but experience, backpacking offers a cost-friendly alternative to see the world. Be prepared, nevertheless, to share your dorm room with strangers, walk a lot and eat only carefully chosen street food. But, you can afford to travel through Europe, Asia or even South America on a tight budget without missing out on any of the scenery.

Backpacking creates new memories

#9. Don’t go alone

Solo travellers often face higher cost per person than group travellers. The reason is simple. Imagine that you’re driving from A to B on your own. The fuel and potential toll costs are your entire responsibility. Now, imagine the same journey but with friends. You can share the costs, keeping things overall cheaper per head. Accommodations can also become advantageous when you choose rentals over hotel rooms. Indeed, you’ll find that the comfort and privacy of a holiday home – Airbnb is the best address to start looking – suit everybody’s budget!

#10. Pick the low season

Last, but not least, travel has peak and off seasons. Needless to say, some regions of the world should be avoided during the low season – tropical and exotic countries tend to experience heavy rains, for instance. But, with a little bit of smart planning, you can find discounted flights and hotels if you choose to avoid the crowded period. You’ll also get to see more of the local lifestyle as there will be fewer tourists.

In conclusion, your dream holiday does have to remain a fantasy. You can make it come true and afford to see the world without breaking the bank as long as you set time to plan ahead. What are you waiting for to see the world?


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